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1 Dec 2017

Dec 17 Offer & Deck the Halls...

Christmas Decorations

If you feel like getting back to nature this year, then why not embrace the essence of the carol “Deck the halls with boughs of holly…” The Christmas period and winter in general is the perfect time to emanate a more traditional time when elements of the outside would be brought inside by way of Yuletide decorations with trees, branches, holly, mistletoe and more all playing a magical part.


Why not consider a living tree as your Christmas tree this year, when the festivities are through you can plant the tree in your garden. Garden centres and even supermarkets often have living trees available at this time of year. A Spruce is a noble tree representing peace and generosity – fantastic sentiments at this time of year. A Fir stands for energy, clarity and achievement and a Pine symbolises Earth and immortality.

If you don’t fancy the pine drop from a living tree, then perhaps you could craft one from driftwood or create a hazel twig tree…


On the tree and around the house, you can decorate with lots of elements of nature such as acorns which would bring luck and prosperity, feathers representing Spirit, any kind of healing crystals you like, pine cones for enlightenment, dried oranges symbolising good fortune and cinnamon sticks for protection to name a few.


There is nothing more festive than seeing a wreath hanging on a front door, often they are fashioned from a base of holly, but you could mix things up by creating one from healthy herbs instead.

Basil: a traditional herb of Candlemas, representing love.

Bay: often used for mid-winter solstice, a healing herb offer protection and healing.

Cloves: banish negativity from entering your house.

Cranberries: abundance and gratitude.

Dill: passion, money and luck.

Fennel: courage, purity and protection.

Lavender: peace and happiness.

Parsley: for divination.

Sage: for long life and to grant wishes.


Poinsettia are the perfect Christmas plant, with their green foliage and red petals bringing seasonal cheer, joy and hope.

Holly used somewhere within your decorations (particularly corners of a room) will act as a symbol of protection. Ivy represents your future potential and growth – try draping it in long strands, perhaps along a fire place, around a mirror or bannister.

Lastly, no natural Christmas would be complete without mistletoe; it is of course associated with kissing and with good reason as the plant is associated with sexuality and fertility. Those who kiss under the mistletoe should bring healing to a relationship, as well as protection, luck, blessings and longevity – what more could you ask for?

December Offer

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Written by: I4C_Blog_Admin