Psychic Reader Norma

PIN: 1414

Psychic Reader Norma

Norma has been reading professionally for nearly thirty years, during which time she has also worked in the field of substance misuse, previously working in national newspapers for many years. 

Norma was 'given' her gift whilst at a low point in her life and, therefore, feels it is important that she uses it to benefit others at difficult times. She 'walks' with clients through their difficulties and endeavours to bring clarity and understanding to their individual situations. 

Norma is Clair sentient and is able to tune into the feelings of others. She works with tarot as she feels cards are the most accurate tools for prediction.  She is not a feel good reader as she  prefers to be realistic with regard to a client's circumstances. Norma believes the more specific the client is the more useful the reading. 

If you have a problem with regard to work, relationships, finance, business or just life, Norma will be happy to help you.