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A butterfly is one of the most beautiful things imaginable. Intricate patterns of most wonderful colours are displayed on its wings…Yet a butterfly is so delicate and precious. Every now and again during our own human lifetime a butterfly will land on our open palm. We can gaze upon its beauty and admire it, as it gently and trustingly displays its outstretched wings before us.

Should we leave our palms open, the butterfly may float away unharmed, or it may stay a while. Should the butterfly leave unharmed, it can return. However, clench your fist and something which is so beautiful and delicate will be destroyed forever, never to return.

The moral of this story - The next time you fall in love, think of your lover as that butterfly. Let the butterfly be free, to come and go as he or she chooses and something beautiful and delicate will stay with you. Try to possess and own your lover, and love will eventually be destroyed!

Many clients who consult with psychics for advice regarding a relationship problem do so in an emotional frame of mind because they are either hurting, or have been hurt, and want clairvoyant guidance to solve their problems.

Each of us understands only too well how love can turn your world upside down, particularly when someone you have loved (and maybe who loved you) has gone out of your life leaving that empty, helpless feeling.

Common Questions

The usual questions clients seek clairvoyant answers to are:-

There is an answer to all these questions – but the solutions lay in your own hands and so does your destiny.

So, you want your lover back, or want a commitment from them? You want them to end an affair? Of course you do, and that is why you are reading this page.

We can’t guarantee, of course, to solve your particular dilemma. We can, however, give you some sound relationship advice which we have clairvoyantly harvested over the years and which has proven itself time after time. We can show you how you might bring about a solution. If, after taking the advice, your partner hasn’t come back to you, then you must move on because it will mean that it will never be/was not meant to be.

The first mistake clients usually make is to go chasing after a departed lover, telling them how much they love them. They often ask question after question, text, e- mail or phone - they try being nice and when that doesn’t work, they try being hurtful.

These actions only succeed in driving the lover even further away, and building barriers. Likewise, a married lover will get fed up with someone who bombards them with question after question looking for commitment. All the answers given below have been perceived clairvoyantly over many, many years and have assisted hundreds of clients.

Relationship Advice

The following advice is written as if there is a female/male partnership and the female is asking the questions. But the principles apply to all relationships:

Relationships Advice 1

Take control of the situation! Do not, under ANY circumstances attempt to contact your ex-lover. The reason for this is that you should let him wonder what you are doing, rather than the other way round. He will be expecting you to contact him, or chase him, and will eventually be puzzled as to why you haven’t made contact. Even ex-lovers retain a degree of curiosity and jealousy. We can virtually guarantee that at some stage contact will be made.

Relationship Advice 2

Never wear your heart on your sleeve. Under no circumstances should you tell your ex-lover that you still love him. All you are doing is setting yourself up for rejection, because the only reason you are asking the question is because you want him to reply that he loves you as well. Likewise, never ask your ex if he still loves you. Never tell him you miss him! (In fact don’t tell him anything!)

Relationship Advice 3

Always answer your lover's question with another question. Never answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ or provide him with an answer to his question. Keep control by putting him in a position whereby he has to tell you why he has asked the question. For example, he may ask, ‘Can I come and see you?’ to which you reply ‘Would you like to come and see me?’ If he replies ‘yes’, ask him ‘why?’ Another example is that he may ask if you have found someone else, to which the reply would be ‘why do you ask?’ Eventually, your ex will have to reveal the reasons the questions are being asked.

Relationship Advice 4

Never ask your ex any questions! Just smile, be pleasant yet at the same time do not give him any hints that you still have feelings for him.

Relationship Advice 5

Ex-lovers are always insecure. Play on this insecurity by making them think you might have other relationship prospects. Don’t say anything, just act as if you have. Eventually they will ask you directly and then take the advice given in number 3.

Relationship Advice 6

Should your lover be married, make sure he is following you and not vice versa. Married lovers do not very often leave their partners and will only panic if they feel they are losing you. Play on this insecurity to discover if he is genuine about wanting to leave his partner.

Relationship Advice 7

You have two ears and one mouth for a specific reason. Listen more then talk. There is nothing more infuriating to an ex-lover than silence because they will then have to think what might be happening – communicate, communicate, communicate!

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