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Lizzie's Story

Lizzie’s Story

August 18, 2015

Life isn’t going exactly as Lizzie planned. She was left pregnant by a married work colleague who wants nothing to do with her; and she’s worried about what might happen when she has to return to work after the pregnancy. She’s become overwhelmed by her circumstances. […]

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Mike’s Story

May 29, 2015

Mike has been feeling under an extraordinary amount of pressure at work, and has an important meeting coming up. He has just bought a new house with his wife, Claire, and they are expecting their first child. Mike’s day didn’t turn out at all like […]

Lisa and Robert

Lisa And Robert’s Story

April 29, 2015

Lisa is struggling to comprehend what has happened in her and Robert’s relationship. After 30 years of happy marriage, Lisa can’t help but shake the feeling that something has broken down between the two of them, and is trying to work out what has happened. […]