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Circles, Spheres & Spirals

April 18, 2024

Signs & Symbols For centuries, symbols and shapes have been used to illustrate and communicate meaning. Today, we explore circles, spheres, and spirals. You might be surprised by how many of them are instantly recognisable to you, but are you aware of their symbolic importance? […]

Spirit Animal

Spirit Animal

March 28, 2024

You have probably heard the term spirit animal before as it is regularly used in spiritual practice. This concept originates from ancient shamanistic practice, where each person would have an individual spirit animal or animal guide. This was not an animal that was easy to […]


Serpentine: Crystal Healing

September 29, 2023

A Serpentine crystal’s predominant colour is green, but it has a mottled appearance and is often flecked with red, brown, black, white and even yellow. It is easy to source, it is found at home in Cornwall and also in America, Italy, Norway, Russia and […]


Numerology – It’s all in a Name!

July 25, 2019

You have probably heard of Numerology, an ancient form of foretelling the future. The Ancient Egyptians assigned magic numbers to certain letters, but the real science behind numerology was captured by the Hebrews and Greeks, who assigned a specific number to each of the 22 […]

Spirit Animal

Spirit Animals

April 12, 2019

Spirit Animals are thought to go back thousands of years to indigenous and shamanic beliefs, sometimes they are also referred to as Totem Animals or Power Animals. Spirit Animals act very much like Spirit Guides or Guardian Angels, in that they can have a significant […]

Past Life Experience

Past Life Experiences

May 9, 2018

Have you ever experienced a ‘déjà vu’ moment? Sometimes it happens when you meet someone for the first time, and yet they feel so familiar to you – and there is a connection as if you can anticipate what they might say or how they […]

Tree of Seasons

Celtic Tree Signs – Part 2

September 15, 2017

If you didn’t see the first part of this article then click here, where you will find the Celtic Tree Signs Vine, Ivy, Reed, Elder, Birch and Rowan covering dates 2nd September to 17th February. 18 Feb – 17 Mar – Ash (The Enchanter) You […]

Summer Fling

Summer Fling or the Real Thing?

August 17, 2017

It is not unusual for people to start a romance during summer, whether that’s on holiday or at home. The sun and warm weather (if we are lucky), and perhaps a little bit of alcohol all lower inhibitions and can combine into an exciting heady […]

Relax Melodies App Logo

Self-improve with the help of the best apps out there…

August 19, 2016

As I write this article the news is all pretty much doom and gloom, the public have voted out of the EU and now the predictions start – house prices will fall, fuel will go up, pensions will suffer, holiday prices will rise and so […]

Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards Explained

December 16, 2015

Tarot reading has been around for centuries but why do so many of us feel a connection to the deck or a desire to have our cards read? In this post, we explore tarot cards and what they can say about you. Arguably, tarot cards […]

Astrology astronomy earth moon space saturn planet solar system creation. Elements of this image furnished by NASA.

The Origin of Horoscopes

November 20, 2015

Astrology has become increasingly popular since its beginnings over 3,000 years ago, making appearances in daily newspapers, magazines and now even in downloadable apps. This means that you can easily get hold of your horoscope forecast. Horoscopes are prevalent in the modern world, but have […]

Signs of the Zodiac

What is Your Real Star Sign?

Star signs have gained popularity over the years with inclusions in monthly, weekly and even daily publications, but how do you know which one is yours? The origin of horoscopes dates back to over 3,000 years ago, with astrologists believing that the alignment of the […]

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