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UFOs: NASA gets ready to report on UFOs

July 20, 2023

In July 2023, NASA are due to release a report, compiled by a team of scientists and experts, on unidentified flying objects (UFOs), or what they now prefer to call them – UAP – unidentified anomalous phenomena. FBI UFOs and extra-terrestrials (ETs) have fascinated people […]


Paranormal: John explains this subject

February 5, 2021

The word paranormal is another word for unexplained phenomena, and more people have become interested, after unexplained activity such as the Fox sisters, and the Enfield poltergeist. Also, TV programmes like Most Haunted – mysteries that scientists couldn’t explain have played their part in getting […]

Halloween Costume

Halloween Costumes

October 25, 2018

Are you going to a Halloween themed costume party? Then read on for the folklore behind some of the favoured Samhain costumes: Ghost Ghosts of course come in many guises, but the typical party costume is often made up of a white sheet to depict […]


5 Paranormal Experiences you might Encounter

October 5, 2018

You might not think of paranormal activities being something that regular people experience, perhaps you imagine these things belong in the lives of psychics and mediums only or in the land of television… Well, in fact, paranormal occurrences quite readily happen in everyday lives, so […]