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15 Jun 2018

Animal Charms

Animal Charms

Mascots and items that bring you luck generally fall into two categories, an amulet which helps to ward off evil/negative energies and has a protective action. Or talismans that act as charms to bring good fortune.

Many amulets and talismans are actually animals; folk find ways to bring these animals into their lives for the protection they bring, maybe as a piece of jewellery, a charm to hang on a bracelet or even a handbag, as an ornament, as pictures or even as designs on clothing…

Here are some examples of Animal Charms:


Black cats are thought to be lucky but are also feared by some. Ancient Egyptians have long revered the cat and believe it was both sacred and represented the moon – you will need to trust your intuition here as to whether they feel like they are a protector for you or something to avoid!


There is a choice in how you use the power of the dragon, to conquer enemies, or to enhance peace!


Fish represent many things, as a Christian symbol of creation and fertility and now to many they attract riches and abundance.


The frog is a great charm for use in relationships, ensuring a happy union with mutual affection and faithfulness. It is also used for a long-life blessed with wealth and health.


Again, a lamb is a Christian emblem, this time as a ‘redeemer’, it also offers protection from disease, accidents and storms.


Lizard designs would have been painted on the outside of houses to bring in good luck. They provide good eyesight and are inspirers of wisdom.


In times gone by a peacock feather may have adorned your house by way of decoration, but in fact their feathers are considered to bring in bad luck. But the birds themselves are very lucky and signify triumph over death and eternal life.


You might not want to try this now, but in medieval times a spider was placed inside a nutshell to be worn around the neck providing protection from illness. They are also considered bringers of success in money and business matters.


The humble tortoise represents Earth and is a very strong protector against spells, evil spirits and bad energy.


Ref: Discover Your Sixth Sense

Written by: I4C_Blog_Admin