Psychic Email Readings

by Chrystalyte

Meet Crystalyte

For some people, it's not convenient to have a telephone reading. Others find it easier to ‘talk’ via email. We realise that face to face readings or those done by telephone do not suit everyone; some people just find it easier to open up by writing their problems down. The very process of admitting the issues and getting some advice can be cathartic. The Circle of Professional Clairvoyants has responded to this demand and is proud to offer email readings by Chrystalyte.

Psychic Phone Readings

Psychic Email Readings Payment Information

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The charge for this service is £39.95 and we accept Visa, MasterCard, Switch, Solo and Electron cards, via our secure server. Your reading may take up to 72 hours.

All our services are subject to our terms and conditions available by clicking here.

Types of Email Reading

The Reading Process

In the reading process, Chrystalyte relies on psychic senses, including what she sees, hears and feels, with the support of tarot imagery. She begins the reading by entering a semi-meditative state, which opens the higher energies of the mind, allowing access to clairvoyant insight. For an Email Reading, please complete the form below and Chrystalyte will use her natural psychic and intuitive ability to prepare a reading for you. You may include as few or as many contextual details as you feel comfortable with. Please note that this email reading process cannot be used for making a Mediumistic connection.

Alternatively, Chrystalyte can provide you with an Astrological Email Reading. Chrystalyte has been professionally trained, under certificated conditions, to appreciate the language of astrology and, together with natural intuition, can instantly recognise what a birth chart says. She has many years of experience of working with astrological charts, which means that, in seeing your chart, she can sum up very quickly what the main issues are in a situation and feed back to you the spiritual insight and wisdom held within the chart.

Birth Charts

The birth chart is absolutely jam-packed with information about you, your life, your relationships, your lifestyle, your involvements – you name it, it is symbolically written in the chart (which might be why we talk about situations being ‘written in the stars’). Crucially, what this means is that, just as with Tarot cards, you can ask just about any question you like and an answer will be shown in some way in the chart’s symbolism.


Astrology is one of the oldest divination tools and has an air of mystery about it. The main factor is that an entirely unique chart can be drawn to show where the stars were, in the sky, when you were born. This is the birth chart and some astrologers refer to it as a personal map of the heavens. Nobody has exactly the same chart as you. This means that the information contained in your chart is symbolically linked to you, describing patterns that you carry with you throughout your life, and which emerge in various ways, in different situations. You could say that your birth chart is your cosmic DNA!

Email Reading Topics

Chrystalyte is frequently asked to look at certain topics during an email reading, some examples are below:

Love, Relationships, Romance, Marriage & Affairs

Most clients’ come with many questions in regards to their romantic relationships: they might be in a new relationship, but not feel sure about whether it is worth pursuing. They might be in a long-term relationship but feel like the spark has gone out of things, perhaps they suspect an affair or are just questioning whether they love each other enough. Some want to quantify whether a partner will commit in the long run or whether they have met their soul-mate. It may even be that they themselves are having an affair and wonder if there is a way back to their real love.

Work, Business, Money And Security

Questions can vary enormously in regards to jobs, career and money. At one end of the spectrum clients’ can have a good job and financial security but have a feeling that there is more to life than this…On the other hand others may be facing redundancy or just be experiencing difficulties with their boss or work colleagues. Returning to work following having a family, or reversal of roles/the breadwinner within a family can also bring up tension.

Spiritual Path, Personal Fulfilment, Happiness & Wellbeing

Spirituality and wellbeing can be some of the most troubling issues for a person, at the end of the day there are no right and wrong answers - what feels right for one person will be different for another…Clients’ may want support in developing their own intuitive abilities. They may need advice and guidance to find their real pathway in life. They may be recovering from ill-health and feeling strong and well again seems like a long and hard journey. Or they may just feel a general apathy for life, and question why they do not feel happier and more fulfilled.

Whatever your question, do feel free to put it to Chrystalyte. Whether you choose an astrology or psychic reading, she will phrase it in a way that allows your chart or the cards to give the answers that you most need.

Please note: if you are uncertain about your time of birth you can allow your intuition to guide you to the nearest time that it could be. The feeling that you have about your time of birth is significant and the chart will still show the key information and offer guidance on what your higher self most needs you to know.