Easy Pay Psychic Phone Readings

Phone Readings 24/7

Easy Pay is a great way to save all year round. Our usual credit card rate is £32.95 for 20-minutes; with Easy Pay, the cost is just £30. Plus, if you purchase 40+ minutes, you will receive 10% bonus minutes!

With Easy Pay, there is no need to speak to a Receptionist; you can manage your account and have calls 24/7. You are also in control of the call length, have a reading for as little as 5 minutes, or go for as many credit minutes as you have.

Setting up an Account

• Review the below chart and decide how many minutes you want to purchase.


20 Mins = £30

Save £2.95 on our regular credit card cost

40 Mins = £60

4 minutes free (total 44)

60 Mins = £90

6 minutes free (total 66)

100 Mins = £150

10 minutes free (total 110)

• Have your debit/credit card ready.

• Phone one of the following numbers:

0808 156 4920

0113 732 0631

+44 113 732 0631


• Select number 2 on the menu, and follow the prompts.

You will create your own 4-digit PIN code (make a note of this).

You will be issued a 5-digit Account number (make a note of this).

• You can register your phone number and payment card, for ease of use in the future, should you wish to. When you use our Easy-Pay service, you can choose whether to store your card data or not.


• i4c Psychic Readings will appear as the charging company on your credit/debit card bill.

• When you are a returning client to the service, you will select number 1 from the menu.

• When phoning the service, the system will advise how many balance minutes you have. If it is less than 5, you will automatically be transferred to the top-up menu.

• During a call; you will hear a warning when you have just 2 minutes of credit remaining. You will have the option of topping up your account mid-call (you will need the 3-digit CVV number from the back of your card). In this scenario, the reader; you are speaking with will be held until your payment has gone through when you will reconnect with them.

• If you lose some of your account information, please email us at [email protected] during usual office hours, and we will endeavour to help you.