Psychic Games

Free Fortune Telling Online

We have selected six of the best psychic games available, the games are free to use and there is no limit to the amount of times that you can return to play them. A word to the wise, playing the same game over and over is likely to eventually lead to confusion. Just like with live psychic readings, it is better to have your questions in your mind and to accept the psychic wisdom. Constantly questioning the outcomes can lead to disorder rather than relief. Remember that divining the future still leaves free will, the decisions you take today will impact your future tomorrow and so future predictions may change direction in accordance.

There are different types of psychic games on offer, firstly Tarot where eight different spreads are available, Rune casts, I Ching readings linked to your name, I Ching that looks at your future love and social life, Charm casts and lastly a psychic love test that looks at the compatibility of you and your partner via your names.

We hope you enjoy the free psychic games, if and when you are ready to move on to a person to person psychic reading then visit the following page for more information on our clairvoyant readers and services.