Psychic Readings FAQs

Psychics, Clairvoyants & the Spirit World

Below you will find a series of questions that clients have asked, we have showcased them here as we believe many of the questions are things that clients frequently seek answers to. It is not an exhaustive list, so if you have further questions please contact us.

Q.What do the different psychic terms mean?
A. There are four main types of psychic ability, Clairvoyance is probably the term you are most familiar with, it means ‘clear seeing’. The reader will see in their minds eye an event or image in the present, past or future. Clairaudience on the other hand represents ‘clear hearing’, the reader can get a psychic impression from sounds that are not heard by others. Clairsentience is a gift of ‘clear feeling’; psychic information can be obtained through the other senses: taste, touch, smell and also describes intuition and gut feeling. Lastly Claircognizance meaning ‘clear knowing’, the psychic can receive formed ideas without being told anything. For a full glossary of psychic terms you may find the following blog post useful.
Q. What does the term ‘medium’ mean?
A. Not all psychics will have medium abilities, many of our readers do have medium abilities and they describe this in their profiles. Typically mediums will receive information from Spirits of the dead; they act as a communication channel between those that have passed over and those that are living. Mediums very often have Spirit Guides that they can call upon; they act as filters to ensure the right information gets through. Many will also call upon the Angelic Realm and even Gods/Goddesses to provide specific guidance and advice.
Q. How do I know that the psychics at the Circle of Professional Clairvoyants are any good?
A.The Circle of Professional Clairvoyants works very hard to only offer the very best psychics and mediums available. To even be considered a person must have at least one year of telephone reading experience. The skills they offer will be looked at to ensure they offer our clients what they need, for example a speciality in love and relationship readings is usually essential. Their life experience is also taken in to account as well as their ability to empathise and put clients quickly at ease. The reader will also go through several test readings to ensure that they can provide intuitive insight and guidance at different times to different people.
Q. How should I prepare for a reading?
A. People often turn to psychic guidance when they are experiencing very troubled times; this can sometimes make it difficult to know what type of advice to seek. But you need not worry; your psychic advisor will soon put you at ease. If you have specific questions in mind that you want answered it is fine to go ahead and ask the reader to address them, if you just want a general reading or are unable to express your concerns your reader will pick up on this and the information will still flow.
Q.Will what the reader tells me always come to pass?
A. A reading can only represent what the reader picks up at that given time. Sometimes the whole picture will not appear in one reading, as readings progress, so does the pathway along which a clients’ life will follow. Everyone has free will, both the decisions you make and those of the people around you can alter the course of what will happen. The psychic reader can look to your future and can see possible outcomes, and will provide advice as to how you might proceed to provide you with the best possible life, but the outcome is not set in stone – you can choose to follow that advice or take your own path. If you have another reading, you can discuss any decisions that you might have made and whether that has changed the course of your future.
Q. Should I choose a psychic that offers Tarot card readings?
A. Some of our readers do offer Tarot card readings; if you ask them they can make it part of a reading, but it does not have to only be about what the cards tell them. Equally even though a psychic has this as one of their skills, you can still request that you have a non-Tarot reading if that is your preference. Used correctly by an experienced reader they can quickly get to the heart of the problem, and provide quick answers and timescales to clients’ questions.
Q. What happens if I do not feel a connection with my chosen reader?
A. If you have chosen an Easy Pay reading or a reading paid for by your telephone bill then you are totally in charge of the call length and can stop the reading at any time. In the event that you have purchased a credit card reading, then there are customer satisfaction procedures in place. Please see our full terms & conditions page for details before using any services.
Q. Can you please advise what will appear on my bank statement?
A. i4c Psychic Readings will appear on your statement. If you have purchased a credit card reading, the initial 20 minute charge will appear and a second charge is applied only if you have gone in to extra minutes.

We cover many questions on the Spirit World through our monthly blog posts; please visit the site frequently to catch up on the latest news.