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The Free Love Tester is for entertainment only. No mysticism nor magic is involved!

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There is no greater question for many of us than whether we are totally compatible with our chosen partner. In the beginning of the relationship lust is often all that matters, but after some time has passed we have to ask ourselves whether we have enough common interests, the same life goals and dreams to go the distance.

Equally there may be times throughout a relationship where we question compatibility, different life events - such as studying, having a baby, moving location/house, changing career, emigrating and so on can all throw in to question whether you and your partner are still heading in the same direction.

It is also easy for us to judge our own compatibility by looking at the relationships of those around us…but there is no need to judge a book by its cover, some partnerships are passionate and the couple may argue a lot - but they are still compatible, they just air their views out loud. Others believe compatibility is demonstrated by never arguing…

Sometimes you and the one that you love can seem to be compatible for a long time, but then for whatever reason you grow apart. One side of this can be where you are almost too compatible and the relationship becomes one of friends rather than lovers. On the other side sometimes we are too busy being busy to notice that we are growing apart, for example when children leave home leaving an empty nest and nothing in common.

If you have arrived at this page due to questioning whether you are compatible with your partner, why not just for fun enter your names and see what percentage you come out at. If you need further reassurance why not have a telephone reading with one of our psychics who specialise in soul-mate and relationship readings.