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I had an email reading and I am very grateful for the insight and thoughtfulness with which Chrystalyte wrote to me. It gave me a lot to work with. Thank you.


I just wanted to say this lady is really good, she kept asking me to say nothing, she picked up everything going on around me, men in my life, my kids, my dad’s illness, she described characters totally spot on and predicted things I hope will come to pass, she was brilliant and has given me great reassurance and confidence I am heading in right direction, and that I will put an end to a situation that has been going on, she was amazing with what she picked up, defo should be reader of the month. Try her you won't be disappointed, was only sorry my time came to an end, thanks Helen xx.


Susanna/Angel is very, very good. Spookily good. Nice person as well. I recommend her if you want to find out what's going on.


I had an amazing session with Mary, she really made me realise things that I was trying to avoid. It really turned my life around.


Thank you so much for the in-depth email reading Chrystalyte. I can take a lot of what you said and I understand the advice being given. I think you are wonderful at what you do! Thanks so much for your insight into these matters. You have made things seem a lot clearer and confirmed what I was already thinking. So well done and thank you for your time. Much appreciated.


Just to let you know how rejuvenated I am after my reading with Sandra... She connected with my father who has passed and was so insightful with what's going on in my life. Great reading and thank you.


I just recently started reading with Vanessa. Her readings are very clear, always positive and concise. She leaves little room for interpretation which is what I love about her reading style. Things either happen or they don't. She was spot on in my last reading and things happened exactly as she predicted. I would recommend her because she is insightful, warm-hearted and empathetic. Thank you!


Lovely lady, and made a connection without any prompting. She's lovely. Did I mention that?


I just wanted to say thank you for my reading. It was very informative and answered a lot of questions, and you gave positive answers and times, which I felt before you gave them. So, thank you once again for your kindness. Love and Light.


Thank you so much; your reading was very perceptive. Where you talk about the link from Jupiter to the planet Mercury, in the sign of Pisces – and later on about the tremendous sensitivity as another side – I felt stunned and a strange sense of relief. These paragraphs are an exact description…Many aspects of my life now fall completely into place! Other aspects of your reading ring an instant bell! Chrystalyte I am grateful for the work you have put into this reading and I will take it all on board.

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