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I have just spoken to a lovely lady called yanna. Within minutes she was talking like she knew an awful lot about me and my family . Things that no one could guess. Too precise. I would recommend this lady to anyone. Amazing. Thankyou so much.


I had an amazing session with Mary- she really made me realise things that I was trying to avoid. It really turned my life around.

Melissa MARTYN
I have just had a reading with Pattie and feel uplifted! I am hoping that her predictions are accurate! The descriptions of people and events was very accurate .... She is warm and compassionate in nature and a very special lady! Thank you Pattie xJo

Thank you so much for the in depth email reading Chrystalyte. I can take a lot of what you said and I understand the advice being given. I think you are wonderful at what you do! Thanks so much for your insight into these matters. You have made things seem a lot clearer and confirmed what I was already thinking. So well done and thank you for your time. Much appreciated.


Lovely lady, and made a connection without any prompting. She's lovely. Did I mention that?


Hello, having just had a reading done by Paul, I would like to say how spot on he was with everything he said. This is the second one he has done for me and I am so pleased that I came back to him after a few months. I like his forthright and honest approach. I feel so much better knowing that the path I have chosen to go down in my working life at the moment seems to be the right one for once! He picked up on so much of my personal life that it sent shivers down my spine and I felt totally connected to him. I appreciate all that was said and will take heed of his advice. Thank you so much Paul. I look forward to talking to you again in a few months and telling you that all has happened as foretold by you!!


I have used your service several times now and have been very happy, especially with Jacqui.


I felt I had to give Paul a testimonial as I feel quite profoundly moved forward by what he had to say. As well as his accuracy with dates and sometimes blunt delivery of messages he was receiving, he is without doubt the most in tune, warm and open reader I have had in my need to work through my issues. He did not beat about the bush/ butter me up/ repeat himself. If anything, he said what he had to say without need for embellishment but with a pure focus. As well as being accurate in his findings, he was also able to explain why certain paths should be taken or have been taken. In short, I feel a path has been cleared for me. I would recommend him to even the most sceptical of users.


Thanks to Paul for the reading and guidance given this evening. I rang for the reading and focused on the specific things I wanted to explore with his assistance. With clarity he described what is actually tangling me me up at the moment. He saw past the peripheral things I had on my mind got to the heart of the matter. In a poem Robert  Burns wrote he says "if we could see ourselves as others see us” - Following Paul's reading I can see myself as others may see me, but best of all I can see myself again. I'd forgotten I was there - here I am again!


Paul is simply the best. I've had many readings over the years; most tell you what you want to hear, Paul tells it as it is. He doesn't sugar coat things and his style is blunt and to the point but listen; he's right. Great advice, empathy and a great understanding of cards, clairvoyance and astrology, you will be amazed. Have a piece of paper and pen handy because those key points in your life past and future will come at you thick and fast. I can't recommend Paul more highly.


I find it hard to trust people and relax, but I have used your firm now for nearly two years on a regular basis with Jacqui as my reader and I am always treated with respect and honesty.

Miss E.G.C

Paul's sessions are both insightful and thought provoking. Within 5 minutes, I had utter confidence that he had the measure of my situation, and we were able to spend the time constructively looking at what was upcoming, and also what had shaped me to get to this particular point. In doing so, he provided some good intellectual challenge about ways to deal with particular situations, which I found immensely useful. Paul has a great ability to be able to paint a picture in a way that makes sense to me as an individual, and never talks in general terms. Aside from his great ability as a reader, he's also got a great sense of humour, which makes the readings fun as well as insightful.


I just want to write to say how brilliant Luke is. He is absolutely fantastic. Everything he said about the past and present situations were so accurate. And he patiently answered all my "what if this happen's". He is friendly to talk to and is just amazing. I have had loads of readings before, and my experience with him was definitely the best. Thank you.


I have just got off the phone from having a reading with Paul, he is amazing!!! Paul talks to you like an old friend and is a compassionate and caring reader without being too sugary. I love his down to earth manner and his sense of humour. He has assisted me through these last few months and given me strength and clarity throughout. I am so so grateful to him and to your company. Thank you.


This is just a note to express my thanks to Luke for getting me through a dark period of my life. You are so fantastic at what you do, so insightful, warm, honest and funny! It is a pleasure to have talked to you through the bad and now the good!

Miss C

I just had a reading with Jacqui and I wanted to say that she is a fantastic reader.


I was quite literally blown away by the depth of insight expressed by the fabulous Paul in my reading on Friday. Please pass on my heartfelt thanks to him, and for his good humour too. Time very well spent and wonderfully uplifting to speak openly with a like-minded cosmic connector with feet firmly planted on planet earth. He was kind enough to compliment me on my 'light' - takes one to know one is all I can say to that! A huge hug and my deepest gratitude to him. I'll be in touch again to let him know exactly where that wheel of fortune turns in the New Year.


I've just had a telephone reading with Paul, and I wanted to say how impressed I am. He gave me brilliant information about past issues (including correct dates, physical descriptions, career information etc.), and insight into what is to happen. I was very impressed by his skills and professionalism. I will be passing your details onto everyone - and will definitely call again myself. Thanks!

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