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If we think about all of the people in our lives - we are all unique, different personalities, interests, goals and dreams, different upbringings and values in life. But one thing that ties us all together is love - universally it is the common theme. Almost all of us want to love someone and want to be adored and loved by someone in return. But the path to true love is not always plain sailing.

That’s why it is not surprising that many of the folk that contact us want to discuss their love-life and relationships. Sometime this will be relationships with family members, friends or even work colleagues, but more often than not it involves their significant other!

That’s why it is not surprising that many of the folk that contact us want to discuss their love-life and relationships. Sometime this will be relationships with family members, friends or even work colleagues, but more often than not it involves their significant other!

In the real world, we know that to have a long and fulfilling relationship we have to work hard at it. When the heady throws of lust and romantic courtships are over and have been replaced with the humdrum of whose turn it is to take out the rubbish…It can feel unexciting, boring and just a bit flat. Sometimes, people take stock and reenergise their relationships, other times people may look outside of the union to spice things up, whatever path is taken there is scope for things to get a bit mixed up and messy.

This is where the psychic readers at the Circle of Professional Clairvoyants come in; they are all specialists in Love and Relationship readings. No matter what your questions, they will give you candid advice based on their intuition and what they see. Then you can take it from there…When a crisis hits, especially of the romantic variety it is easy to feel all alone, but believe me when I tell you very little will shock our readers, you can literally tell them anything and in total confidence they will begin to unravel your problems so you can make the best life choices going forward.

Here are some common themes:

1) Life has become predictable

When you have been in a relationship for a while, it is easy to feel taken for granted; equally it is easy to take your partner for granted. Perhaps life has fallen in to a bit of a rut - get up, go to work, come home - cook tea, watch TV, go to bed - get up and do it all again. But life needn’t be so predictable…Try to broaden your horizons together, rather than sticking to individual things you like to do - try something new and exciting together, something that will put you just a little bit out of your comfort zone. Rekindle the romance - build in a date night, or perhaps a weekend a way, rope in family and friends to support if you have children to look after, so you can really relax and remember what it is you love about each other. Try to surprise each other - send each other flirty texts or leave a love note in an unexpected place, so you start to think about each other as lovers again, rather than as mum & dad or chief cook and bottle washer!

2) The relationship is just not strong enough

Sometimes a relationship can get to breaking point - it might not be the relationship that was the initial problem, perhaps an external event started the rift such as a death in the family or redundancy from work or illness. But now that it is there it feels like you are walking on egg shells, tip toeing around each other. In situations like this someone has to make the first move - you’ve got to open back up the lines of communication. Otherwise each party will get angrier and angrier through bottled up feelings that eventually will explode, inevitably with things said that are hard to take back! It can be difficult to resolve anything if one of you is in tears and one is shouting…Try breaking down the problems in to much smaller areas, try resolving just some pieces of the puzzle and hopefully eventually you can come back to together again. Talking in a neutral place when you both have time can be really useful and so can trying to place yourself in the other person’s position. It is much easier to resolve conflict from a place of empathy than anger…

3) You are not sure if they are the one - your soul-mate

The origins of soul-mates are hard to pinpoint, and yet to each one of us the expression will have a certain meaning. To many a soul-mate is an exact fitting together of them with another person, unconditional love is felt between the two parties and a feeling of completeness in every aspect of life now that they are together. So it is no wonder that with such an exacting sense of how a soul-mate relationship should feel that many people will question whether they have met theirs. I think in reality it is better to consider that in our lifetime we will gravitate towards many people that could potentially be ‘the one’. But we should accept that we are already whole and do not need another person to complete us. It is likely that when we have come to this acceptance - that to love ourselves, is to open ourselves up to a loving relationship we are most likely to meet someone. Soul-mates can be friends or lovers, they are people that pass through our lives to teach us important lessons, ultimately getting us ready for a loving commitment with the right person at the right time.

4) How do you recover after infidelity

Someone being unfaithful in a relationship breaks a sacred bond of trust that can be incredibly difficult to get back again. It is natural that a person will feel anger, confusion and resentment if this happens to them. But eventually decisions have to be made about whether to forgo the relationship or whether to try and put it back together again. It is easy to play the blame game, and of course the person who cheated could have chosen a very different course of action. But in some cases it is worthwhile looking from both sides why things went off course. Family and friends will inevitably be worried in this situation, perhaps even more so if children are involved. But in these situations probably only you will know in your gut if it is something you can forget if not forgive and only you can judge whether what you will gain by staying is more than what you stand to lose by going…Give yourself the time and space that you need to understand what has happened, to heal, to get in a place where you can talk again.

These are just a few scenarios involving relationships, but other common themes are: “I have been with my boyfriend for many years now, but he is still not showing any signs of committing.” “I have been having an affair; do you think my partner will leave his wife as promised?” “I think of my ex all of the time, do you think he will come back to me - or has he moved on?”

We understand very well what it is like to have your life turned upside down by relationship difficulties. So when you are ready, and you need to seek independent counsel, we will be here to offer empathy, support and intuitive psychic guidance.