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29 Mar 2017

Are you ready for love?

Swans Love Heart

Are you ready for love sounds like an odd question? But wanting to be in a relationship and being ready for real love are potentially two different things. Being in love is seductive and powerful, and something that many of us crave, but before you embark on a truly committed relationship it is a good idea to see if you are ready for the real thing.

You feel content and complete

As corny as it sounds one of the first steps to finding love, is loving yourself first, feeling complete as an individual, feeling happy and content and not needing anyone else to validate you or make you feel whole.

You are not willing to settle

You’ve reached a confident place in life where there is no need to settle for anything but unconditional true love. You do not need to be in a relationship for the sake of being a couple.

You don’t need to be in a relationship

You understand that you do not need a romantic relationship to make you happy, you lead a full life with family, friends, work and hobbies. If and when the right person comes along you will be happy to make room in your life for the relationship, but until that time you are leading your life not feeling like you are treading water.

You are not looking for perfection

You have reached a stage in your life when you know nobody is perfect, even you! You don’t have a list of exacting requirements of a partner, but more you are open to getting to know new people and see if anything romantic develops. You are hoping to love somebody fully despite their flaws and imperfections and expect the same in return.

Your past is behind you

You have moved on from your past, you have accepted what has happened in previous relationships. You are ready to learn from any mistakes you have made or more to the point are prepared to take those experiences into a new relationship and do things differently this time if needs be.

You are ready to trust

You are ready to go into a new relationship fully trusting and open to falling in love. You are not going to play any games, or keep any walls up. You know that being open and ready and willing to trust another is the route to a happy and healthy union. You view communication as essential and want a fun, easy and open dating experience.

If this sounds like you – then you are definitely ready to find true love!

Written by: I4C_Blog_Admin