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3 Dec 2013

Astro Travel Guide

Astro Travel Guide

Are you packed and ready to go? Even if you’re ready, your companion ‘sign’ might still be sorting socks (if he or she is a Virgo, that is). Check out this handy guide to see what you can expect when travelling with your favourite zodiac partner. Will it be two weeks of bliss on an all-inclusive paradise island…Or two weeks of hell trapped with a lover who turns into a puma shell-wearing stranger right before your very eyes? Find out how well your vacation styles mesh before you head off to paradise!

ARIES – 21st March to 20th April

Your Aries companion must have a complete list of all possible vacation activities to work with – ideally before you even set out on the trip. This energetic soul always tries to cram as much into one day as possible. He or she will want to be first, in the best seat and right there in the thick of things. “I can’t wait to relax,” you’ll hear your Aries say, but count on one thing – two minutes after you lie down for a long soak in the sun, the Aries foot will start tapping, the knee will start bouncing, and it’s off to the races. At the end of the day, tired Aries will take a break, but don’t worry – a second wind will lead to a night of dancing and romantic escapades.

TAURUS – 21st April to 21st May

Don’t even bother with a schedule – Taurus just wants to bake in the sun all day (so make sure you bring the sunscreen, and plenty of it!). When he or she says, “my top priority is a good tan,” believe it. Once the sun sets, your Taurus will spring into action. Dinner is a romantic, dress-up affair, complete with wining, dining, dancing and canoodling under the stars. Steer your Taurus towards every photo op and you’ll be rewarded with dreamy smiles all night long.

GEMINI – 22nd May to 21st June

Get ready to make new friends and spend every minute of the holiday with them if you’re vacationing with a Gemini. This sign loves to travel in groups, and if needs be will round up other couples to double, triple or quadruple the fun. Your Gemini partner will be very active and will want to check out everything that your destination has to offer, but don’t expect this attention-starved soul to focus for too long on one plan. They are happiest flitting from moment to moment.

CANCER – 22nd June to 21st July

Before you leave, stop by CostCo for the jumbo Kleenex, because Cancer will be crying non-stop from the moment you take off. “It’s so romantic, so beautiful, so wonderful,” they will emote – and that’s just the airplane bathroom. Cancer is overwhelmed with emotions and loves to share them – especially with a group, so expect to enter any newlywed games – and win. Of course, Cancer will not miss any meals, and definitely enjoys drinking. Keep the camera ready, because Cancers love snapshots, tear-streaked faces included.  Expect lots of clinging and don’t even think of leaving Cancer’s side. They’ll think you don’t love them anymore. Appeal to the tender side of Cancer, and you will have a companion, not just for the vacation, but for life too!

LEO – 22nd July to 23rd August

The ultimate spring breaker – is made for fun in the sun. This sign lives to show off their gorgeous bodies in skimpy clothing – or, if vacationing on the French Riviera, without any clothing at all! Count on athletic Leo to enter the one-legged jet-ski contest – but watch out if they wipe out. Leos love to be the centre of attention, but they also love to win. A losing Leo is not a pretty sight. Dinner time finds this social butterfly wining and dining with newfound friends – and Leos will always be the first to lead the conga line… Don’t worry; while evenings may be a social whirl, Leos love to rule in the bedroom.

VIRGO – 24th August to 23rd September

Virgos will review the list of potential activities, and then will cross-reference their own personal list of things to do with their daily planner. They will then methodically go from one event to the next; all the while making sure that their partner is equally organized and entertained. Virgos have tanning down to a science, and will assist you in “tanning by numbers” so you don’t have to ever worry about sunburn. Most likely your Virgo partner will be ready for any situation. Just look at that meticulously packed suitcase for proof. Despite, or because of, such tightly controlled scheduling, Virgos will have lots of extra energy for an evening of fun and cuddling.

LIBRA – 24th September to 23rd October

Libra needs a beautiful environment in order to fully enjoy their vacation. Let’s put it this way – the “Do Not Disturb” sign will never be hanging on this door – God forbid the maid should miss a cleaning round. Libra loves relationships, so expect to talk about love, romance, marriage, commitment, vows, expectations, fidelity and your future at least ten times a day.  They will enjoy making you happy, but will never let you forget it, and will expect “pay-back” for any favours extended your way. Keep your Libra massaged, oiled, primped and pampered, and you’ll have a beautiful time.

SCORPIO – 24th October to 22nd November

Are you sure your Scorpio is married (just to you)? Double check before you check your bags, because it’s hard to pin this sign down. Scorpios tend to be extremely passionate about anything they are doing, so be careful not to get in an argument. More than any other sign, if a Scorpio gets in a tizzy, they’ll make you really miserable. And don’t be surprised if your next-door neighbour is invited over for fun and games. Scorpio doesn’t think three is a crowd.

SAGITTARIUS – 23rd November to 22nd December

Sagittarius is an adventurer at heart, so be prepared for anything perceived as fun and exciting – windsurfing, diving, bungee jumping, parasailing…However, these souls are not always the most graceful of people, so get ready for a few bumps and bruises too. That unlucky camper who’s limping around with a cast and a cane is most likely a Sagittarius. Don’t expect to hit all the 5-star dining spots without a fight – casual Sagittarius is happiest exploring the local nightlife. An evening or two spent walking through town and sampling all the indigenous foods is your key to a mutually satisfying conclusion.

CAPRICORN – 23rd December to 20th January

Travel tip – wear sunglasses, and don’t ever let your Capricorn mate see you staring at someone else on the beach. Capricorn will demand all of your attention. On the plus side, this sign is very willing to do what is “expected” – so you can shape your holiday to your liking. They will willingly dress up for dinner, follow you from one activity to another and show up for photo ops. Capricorn will be first in line at the gift shop to buy the requisite photo album, and happily fill it in like a stamp collector.

AQUARIUS – 21st January to 18th February

Your biggest challenge here may be making sure your Aquarius partner doesn’t go AWOL. Traditionally not a “joiner”, your wandering Aquarius will rent a Jeep and take off for parts unknown at a moment’s notice (hopefully with you in tow!). Don’t expect black-tie to be in their wardrobe – this is one of the most casual and eccentric signs of the zodiac. Aquarians are happy to spend some time alone with you as long as there’s room service. While everyone else is out at a group scuba dive, your Aquarius will be coming up with a plan to increase the standard of living of the indigenous population by distributing the buffet’s leftover food to the island populace. Humour them for three or four seconds – then conk them on the head with a conch shell and make sure they get with your program

PISCES – 19th February to 20th March

Did someone say “margaritas”? Make sure it’s not you. The less excess for this indulgent, sensuous sign, the better – for you at least! So what to do? Let the fishes be your guide and make for the water, or close by at least. Laying by the pool or beach are the perfect selections for your Pisces pal. Game playing and role playing are also great for rainy days. The night-time is the right time for moony, moody Pisces, who will definitely be up for dinner and those aforementioned drinks. Try to keep it intimate – no crowds, no mingling – one-on-one romance is always your best bet.

Written by: I4C