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4 Dec 2015

Astrological Gift Guide - Part 1

Zodiac Christmas Baubles


Aries have powerful egos and are self-assured; the great thing is that they are honest and direct – what they say they mean. They are natural born leaders, although they have a tendency to always think they are right! Life with an Aries is exciting…they are dynamic and want to win. They are optimistic and don’t dwell on the past.

Gift ideas for Aries: Anything personalised or monogrammed will appeal to Aries. The gift should be the top of the range – whether it is power tools, designer clothes or the latest must have gadget. They like expensive flowers like roses, sportswear, and a ride in a fast car, health club passes or a weekend adventure break…

 T A U R U S 

A Taurus personality is risk-averse, they can be inflexible – but are very determined. They feel happiest when a routine is in place, so they can get stuck in a rut. But they are loyal partners and friends, and their sense of duty makes them reliable and devoted. They are good under pressure; and will relax with arts and music.

Gift ideas for Taurus: A gift that will stand the test of time is a good idea for a Taurus, such as a gold watch or a piece of fine jewellery. They appreciate the finer things in life – so good quality perfume, chocolates; silk pj’s would all go down well. Presentation is key – so take time on the wrapping!

G E M I N I 

Ideas flow quickly for Geminis but they don’t always see them through. The nature of the dual personality can make Gemini charming at times and sullen at others. But without doubt they are the most talkative and have sociable personalities. They are not afraid to play like children; in their minds Geminis will never be old.

Gift ideas for Gemini: Board games, puzzles and jigsaw’s will delight their inquisitive minds. They would be very happy with an activity – such as theatre tickets. But above all they love gadgets, they will use any type – for the kitchen, for the TV, for the car – anywhere they can include technology. If the budget runs to it the latest phone will make you a winner.


It is easy to overlook a Cancer sign, as they are very un-showy and can be hard to decipher. Family and community is very important to this sign. In order to do well at work and in relationships they must feel happy and stable at home. Cancer can be prone to mood swings, so sometimes they will be compassionate and kind and at other times they can be a bit prickly and full of self-pity.

Gift ideas for Cancer: The way to a Cancer sign’s heart is through shared memories, pick them up something that will remind them of a holiday you took, or a story they shared. Antiques, print a photo and put it in a frame or treat them to a vintage night watching an old movie.


Leo’s are charming, but they want to rule the world! Their love of life is infectious, but if you do not rein them in, only their demands will matter, and they will take centre stage. As the sign suggests they have enormous pride, they believe they are special and as such should get special treatment. Their temperament can plummet if this special treatment is not received.

Gift ideas for Leo: Anything expensive, flashy and even a bit ostentatious will please a Leo. Think a night in an expensive hotel, something made of cashmere, opera tickets, a gold pen…


Virgos are efficient, quiet and keep themselves to themselves. They find it difficult to say no, and can be workaholics. They are born worriers and can be critical of others that don’t meet their high standards. But if you can let this go you will find a very sensual Earth sign.

Gift ideas for Virgo: Practical presents are the order of the day for a Virgo. A magazine subscription, luxury bath oils, perhaps a massage voucher – anything that would be relaxing. Or something relating to a pastime of theirs: a cook book, yoga kit, Moleskine notebook…

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Written by: I4C_Blog_Admin