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9 Nov 2016

Balance Your Chakras


When you clear your chakras your mind and body benefit – your emotions will lift and your spiritual centre will open. Think about which chakra needs support and bring the relevant colour into your life – use meditation, mantras, yoga, crystals and essential oils to renew your energy.

Try the following crystals during meditation by placing them on the energy points relevant to the chakra:

Root Chakra: Garnet

Use this gem to set aside bad habits, balance things by setting goals to help you break cravings, dependencies or infatuations. Using the stone will help you to feel grounded, restored and invigorated.

Sacral Chakra: Carnelian

Use this crystal when you need to make a stand – when you need to assert your independence. There is a difference between being strong and independent and being controlling, once balanced – you will feel the difference. When this chakra is off kilter, you can feel needy and emotional, once it is stabilised you will be much more able to let the small things go.

Solar Plexus Chakra: Citrine

If you feel like you are struggling to listen to your intuition, then this is the gem for you – it will heighten your senses in this regard, and you will trust your gut feelings more. When this chakra is out of balance it is easy to feel moody, often this is because you are taking on the energy of others. Balance the chakra and watch your spirits lift.

Heart Chakra: Emerald

This is a lovely gem to work with at this time of year as it epitomises all that is the season, increasing happiness, joy and understanding. An unbalanced heart chakra can leave you feeling isolated – work on it now!

Throat Chakra: Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz could help you at work if you need to do a presentation, at church if you are singing in the choir – or just if you need to speak to strangers and socialise at a party. This chakra is about ‘having a voice’ – speak out and do it confidently. When balanced your inner-strength will feel powerful and strong.

Third Eye Chakra: Amethyst

As you might expect by its name, this chakra helps you to open up your third eye, and lets you connect to other worlds, it is probably best used through meditation. Your imagination is very connected to this chakra, as is your intuition so it’s important to keep it balanced.

Crown Chakra: Moonstone

The Moonstones magical properties are incredibly important for balancing the crown chakra so that your psychic abilities will stay connected. It’s an important chakra for understanding the concept of time and is involved in all aspects of spiritual development.

Written by: I4C_Blog_Admin