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15 Jul 2022

Cancer In-Depth

Cancer Star Sign

The Cancer star sign is the fourth sign of the zodiac. You might guess from its icon – the Crab, that is it a cardinal water sign. The Cancer sign is ruled by the Moon, the waxing and waning of the Moon is reflected in Cancerian’s traits – they feel their emotions strongly and can feel elated some of the time and crushed and depressed at others.

Common characteristics of Cancer are: kind and compassionate. Easily hurt and inward-looking. Protective and helpful. Possessive and manipulative. Intuitive and sensitive to the needs of others.

Cancer Star Sign – Traits

Going back to the crab; this personality can be hard to see and understand; they are not flashy, and so; often get overlooked.

The Cancer sign wants approval from others, and they are ambitious. But, at times, it seems that they have conflicting personalities. Sometimes Cancerians are caring and kind, and other times prickly and defeatist. Their craving to achieve can mean they will trample over others to get to the top. But, in doing so, it leaves them further away from their goal of inclusion and feeling like they belong!

To feel fulfilled in life a Cancerian must first be happy at home. Their home is their castle. Although that doesn’t mean it is pristine, as the Cancer sign tends to hold on to too many things – childhood mementoes will likely abound. For many, a Cancerian house will look cluttered, but to them, it provides an emotional connection to the past and is a security blanket.

Matters of the Heart

The Cancer sign responds very strongly to warmth and affection; they are not someone you can tease – they will take any such comments to heart. This sign does fear rejection and is unlikely to risk making the first move – unless they are sure feelings are reciprocated.

Cancerians are romantics, and their desire is to enter a long-term relationship and have that love last forever! They are unlikely to get involved with someone with messy finances or an unhealthy bank balance; this isn’t about greed – but goes back to a need for security.


If this star sign feels vulnerable, then; their possessive and jealous tendencies can rise to the fore; this is especially true; if they feel threatened in any area that matters most – their home, partner or career.

Cancerians can find themselves overwhelmed by emotions, which in turn; can make their thought processes and decision-making seem irrational. They dislike this about themselves and prefer it when they can let their intuition have a say.

Written by: I4C_Blog_Admin