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15 Sep 2017

Celtic Tree Signs - Part 2

Tree of Seasons

If you didn’t see the first part of this article then click here, where you will find the Celtic Tree Signs Vine, Ivy, Reed, Elder, Birch and Rowan covering dates 2nd September to 17th February.

18 Feb – 17 Mar – Ash (The Enchanter)

You are out-doorsy, love landscapes and anything to do with nature. You are a positive person with zest for life. You probably communicate best through some form of creativity, perhaps writing or art. Having to be inside (perhaps for work), would leave you feeling withdrawn, but unlike others you do well being alone, having said that you are naturally communicative and a free thinker.

18 Mar – 14 Apr – Alder (The Pathfinder)

You are a person that can both ‘talk the talk’ and ‘walk the walk’; you can charm anyone and talk easily to everyone. You are the person that is depended on to get the job done! Your charisma draws others to you, they want to be confident an able – just like you…That said you don’t like hangers on, or suffer fools gladly, you appreciate how precious time is and as such you want to spend it wisely.

15 Apr – 12 May – Willow (The Observer)

Of the tree signs you are one of the most likely to be psychically gifted. You are patient, intelligent, creative and in tune with nature. Mood wise yours is highly impacted by moon and lunar phases. People marvel at your photographic memory, that and your ability to retain information stands you in good stead at work. You make the most of all opportunities that come your way, but you would never brag about them – your preference is for the spotlight to be elsewhere.

13 May – 9 Jun – Hawthorn (The Illusionist)

Hawthorn signs see the bigger picture in life, and as such they are positive, happy people – both curious and great listeners. That said all is not as it seems with you – outwardly you may project one persona, but in reality inside you feel like a different person. Perhaps you do a rather mundane job, but then have an exciting or dangerous hobby! You take notice of the latest trends and styles and a creative outlet in dance or drama feeds your soul.

10 Jun – 7 Jul – Oak (The Strong One)

In terms of Celtic astrology – you are all powerful. For those you care about or those in your care you are protective, and your ability to absorb new things and a desire to pass that knowledge on makes you a great coach, mentor or teacher. You are independent and like planning, systems and lists… Family, friends and community – is everything to you. You are happiest when surrounded by those that you love.

8 Jul – 4 Aug – Holly (The Ruler)

You are a leader and a winner! Holly people take on challenges with gusto and are rarely out-won. Partly because you take things in your stride and are unflustered in the face of adversity. The Holly sign is a noble sign and as such many may seek comfort and reassurance from you. You provide much needed support and great counsel to their problems. You believe that everyone makes mistakes, and that is fine as long as lessons are learnt.

5 Aug – 1 Sep – Hazel (The All-Knowing)

Hazel’s are generally considered to be academics, they are naturally intelligent and a thirst for increased knowledge only enhances this. But remember – nobody likes a ‘know it all’, even if you are right most of the time! Rules are important to you, as are facts and figures, detail and accuracy – these cornerstones of your belief system are routed in science, you feel comfortable having something tangible that you can know and trust to be true.

Written by: I4C_Blog_Admin