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18 Dec 2014

Christmas Traditions as a Couple

Couple with Xmas tree

Whether you live together are married or are still boyfriend and girlfriend, Christmas is not always easy to navigate. If you have children then it is expected that you will celebrate at your own house – opening your presents with your family. But if you have not got to that stage yet, then often you are expected to do the visiting. These days with fragmented families, you can be run ragged by making sure you spend quality time with everyone, sharing meals and giving gifts.

It is important that in amongst the visiting you carve out time just for the two of you. It is also really nice if you can start to build in traditions of your own for the festive season. Both of you will no doubt come to the table with ideas passed down from your families about how a house should be decorated, what food should be served, what you do on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and beyond…But now that you are a couple, it is okay to realise that you can break the rules and all previous traditions if you want to. The important thing is that you come together and celebrate in a way that makes you both happy, combining the things that you love from family Christmases of old, whist bringing new traditions of your own:

Here are some lovely ideas that could become your new traditions:

• Perhaps you would like to have a ‘real’ tree, rather than a fake one. Set a date, find a place that sells them and go out to choose the perfect tree.

• Every year purchase a tree ornament together, over the years you will be able to look back on a tree full of memories.

• Perhaps you could design your own Christmas card, get in the Christmas spirit, take a photo of the two of you, add it to a card using a site like Moon Pig and send that as your card to all of your friends and family.

• Set a date each year in the run up to Christmas – as a ‘date night’, you could go out, but equally you could stay at home and have a nice cooked meal – spend time doing what you like – slob around in pyjamas, play board games, have a cocktail night – whatever suits you.

• Perhaps every year you could have a romantic comedy ‘movie night’, get some chocolaty treats, turn off your phones, and cuddle on the sofa and indulge in all that romanticness.

• You could go to a Carol Service, go to Church, skip a lot of cooking – and have Chinese takeaway, bake cookies together, make Christmas crackers, open your presents at midnight (no one will know), the list is literally endless…

Whatever you do, everyone at The Circle of Professional Clairvoyants wishes you are very Happy Christmas and a Healthy & Prosperous New Year.

Written by: The Circle