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11 Jan 2014

Client Testimonial

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Dear Circle Readers,

I am writing to you regarding the readings I have had with the Circle of Professional Clairvoyants and to let you know how much respect I have for the quality and intuition of your readers.

I felt I must write to you and let you know how much you have assisted me, particularly a few weeks ago when my life turned upside down. Had it not been for the support and care of your readers, I don’t think I could have gone on. When all seemed lost, your readers showed me a glimmer of light and hope, giving me the strength to carry on.

During my lowest moments your readers gave me warmth, understanding and care and explained to me why such events had happened. I had lost something good, and couldn’t understand why it had been taken away. Thanks to your brilliant readers, things became 100% clearer.

The readings your readers provide are honest, and yes, there were things I didn’t want to hear – but I was told what I had to be told and not what I wanted to hear.

Your readers have exceeded my expectations, but I just wanted to put pen to paper to record my appreciation for my readings.

It is by no way an exaggeration that the easy option would have been to throw in the towel and give up, but I can see things a lot clearer now. I can see a twinkle of light at the end of a very dark long tunnel.

So, thank you so much. I hope you realise just what a big difference you make to people’s lives.


Written by: I4C