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18 Sep 2020

Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball

An image of a psychic portrayed scrying into a crystal ball is fairly stereotypical. However, that shouldn’t take away from the value that ‘Crystallomancy’ has. This term describes the ancient practise of using a reflective surface, such as a crystal ball, mirror or even water to provide guidance to events through internal images that are interpreted by the reader.

Choosing a Crystal Ball

You might imagine that the perfect crystal ball would be completely clear – blemish and imperfection free. But, in fact – it is better to choose a natural quartz ball (as opposed to one made from glass or lead crystal). That has some inner markings, that allow your eyes to gaze in and around.

Aim for a ball that fits into the palm of your hand, roughly the size of an orange. It needn’t be expensive, but you should feel drawn to it. Look for something with depth and variety, to assist your clairvoyant feelings as you start out.


You might be surprised to hear that you don’t need to have any special psychic abilities when you first start reading with a crystal ball.

Rather, you need to be attuned to your inner-thoughts, and able to rely on your intuition and have keen observation gifts.

Over time you can start a reading with a question in mind, and interpret what you see as it relates to the situation, relationship etc. In the meantime, concentrate on getting to the point of seeing things within the ball:






Written by: I4C_Blog_Admin