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12 Jan 2018

Crystals for Resolutions

Healing Crystals

If you decide to embark on some New Year Resolutions, then why not be supported by some healing crystals?

The best idea is to pick a crystal or crystals that complement the goal you are embarking on.

Here are some ideas:

Amethyst – Great for breaking bad-habits and even addictions. Creates balance and wise decision making.

Aquamarine – Can bring luck to love, useful for making positive changes in your life. It helps clear you mind, so you can focus.

Aventurine – A really good stone to consider if your goal is in changing career direction or in moving job.

Bloodstone – This crystal will really help after the initial excitement of your resolution has warn off, it increases endurance and keeps energy alive. It provides determination and courage.

Carnelian – One of the top resolutions is about increasing exercise and lowering weight – if that is you – then this is the crystal for you. You will find your power from within, and your motivation and self-confidence will strengthen.

Fluorite – This is a great stone if you want to step outside of your comfort zone and try new things, it will allow you to expand your mind, concentrate and be wise in your decisions.

Jade – If you are insecure, or tend towards negative beliefs or self-limiting thoughts then Jade will help you to live more from the heart than from the mind. Fill your life with joy and achieve your goals.

Labradorite – If you need something more akin to a miracle, than just will-power to attain your resolution, then this crystal is for you. Find your real self and purpose – uncover your destiny!

Pyrite – If your goals for 2018 are all about finances, then Pyrite will support you in making wise money choices, you can overcome any hardships and you will be more motivated to succeed.

Rose Quartz – In 2018 if your focus is on love, whether that is improving your current relationship or finding love or healing old wounds, Rose Quartz is what is needed, it will open your heart and find a more harmonious way to do things.

Selenite – If your spirituality is waning, then this crystal will give you the boost you need to connect to your divine wisdom and find healing in prayer or meditation.

Tiger’s Eye – This is a creative positive stone, which will strengthen your resolve, giving your all of the willpower and motivation you could need to attain your goals. If you have a tendency to turn to the negative, then Tiger’s Eye will turn you around to see the more positive side of change.

Written by: I4C_Blog_Admin