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21 Nov 2014

Dating in a Modern World

Laptop Video Chat

Did you know that seven in ten British people own some sort of smartphone, with this emerging technology, the dating game has changed. Finding the person of your dreams, could now be a reality with just the swipe of a finger!

Online dating is nothing new, but with demanding jobs and busy lives it has grown in popularity. But perusing profiles and completing endless data to join up is no longer needed. Dating apps have simplified the process…They are easy to use and immediate in responses, but don’t think this is just a young person’s game – it can be daunting at first, but if you have the technology why not give it a try, love could be just around the corner.

So – what apps to try? There are different types of app depending on what type of relationship you would like to have, what interests you have an so on. Here’s a few to try:

Coffee Meets Bagel

This is an easy and fun way to date; Coffee Meets Bagel delivers a ‘Bagel’ (members match) to you at noon every day. You get to choose whether to like or pass on the Bagel. If you ‘like’ then you can make a date for lunch or coffee. Great for professionals who are time poor, or for those who are just dipping their toes in the dating game and don’t want full-on evening dates.


Happn was created to take advantage of that situation that we all find ourselves in once in a while – you see someone, maybe even more than once, and like them and think, I wish I could see them again – Happn makes it more likely you will. The idea of the app is to avoid missed connections, they love coincidences at Happn and they like to boost your luck…


You will quite likely have heard of Tinder already, it is perhaps one of the more well-known dating apps and has quite a celebrity following. If you are just getting in to on-line dating and using dating app’s, then you might want to think about this one when you have gathered more experience. It has been known for creating more casual dates/hook-ups rather than serious relationships, partly due to it being based on proximity. Basically it uses your Facebook info to create a profile, uses your phones GPS to locate you and others on Tinder at that time. It finds you potential matches – swipe right to ‘like’ and left to ‘pass’. If you both ‘like’ – then it’s a match and you start messaging.

However you decide to date and no matter what on-line programme or app you use it pays to be sensible – so:

Don’t give away too much personal information until you feel comfortable with the person.

It’s okay to not commit to dinner straight away, keep things casual with emails, coffee etc. until you feel you know each other a bit better.

Meet somewhere neutral, never give out your home address and tell friends or family where you are going.

Be honest in your profiles and with pictures, but accept that not everyone will be with you – you will need to weed out the time wasters and those that have embellished the truth!

Date and Enjoy!

Written by: The Circle