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14 Feb 2018

Dating Trends for 2018


At this time of year, Valentine’s especially, it is normal for our thoughts to turn to love, and if you are currently single, recently separated or have been divorced for a while, meeting someone is going to mean dating. But just what does the dating landscape look like for the year 2018?

Video Dating

Big dating sites like have taken note of the popularity of apps like Snapchat and are incorporating their type of technologies into modern dating profiles. So, you can now create a profile story that combines video clips, snapshots and voiceover narration if you like. If it proves successful the chances are other dating companies will follow.

With the technology that is inbuilt in phones now like Facetime, it is perhaps natural that people will want to speed up the progress of getting to know someone by chatting face to face. It is thought that 2018 will be a year that people move away from one-night stands and hook-ups from apps like Tinder, and look for more meaningful long-term connections and as such a face to face application is more authentic in seeing the ‘real’ person.

Social Media Dating

The use of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter etc is nothing new, but with direct message facilities, predictions are that in 2018 people will be brave and will start to use these options to ask people on a date. Taking this bold approach is not much different than messaging someone on a dating app, but often you will get a more honest view of someone from their social media postings than in a carefully carved out dating profile. So, you can get a flavour for their thoughts, interests and position on topics that are important to you before taking the plunge.

Group Dating

This isn’t a new sort of relationship dynamic, but merely a way to meet like-minded people in a group setting. Instead of meeting one person, you might meet ten, and hopefully along the way you might make a friend, or even develop a romantic relationship, but the initial getting to know you part is in a much less pressurised setting, such as a hiking trail.

Anything Goes

In 2018 it is predicted that women in particular will be bolder in their dating choices, perhaps dating younger men than before. People are more willing to step out of their comfort zone, and explore relationships based on what each party can bring to the table, as opposed to trying to find a match based on a list, like the age of the person, how tall they are, what they do for a living etc.


Looking at the above list you will realise just how much dating in 2018 relies on technology, if you are older and less familiar with smart-phones and apps, or just miss the personal touch when it comes to making romantic connections then you may be buoyed by the fact that match-making is supposed to make a come-back in 2018, as people become fatigued with online style dating.

Written by: I4C_Blog_Admin