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30 May 2017

Dominoes Divination Part 1


Many households will have a set of dominoes tucked away with the family games; why not dust them off to be used as a fun form of divination.

It is believed that dominoes originated in China in the 12th century CE. They are closely related to dice with each side of the domino representing one die. The game of dominoes spread from China and eventually reached Italy in the 18th century and from there it was introduced to France and Britain. However European sets developed to include an extra seven dominoes which we know as the ‘blanks’, a set that contains a double blank and blank opposite each number 1- 6, is known as a double six set.

You can start with any set, but down the line if you find that you like using dominoes for divination, you may decide to buy yourself a special set, maybe even an antique set for the purpose and perhaps add a special cloth to cast them on.

Domino readings come under the term ‘cleromancy’ meaning to divine using small objects. To begin lay the dominoes face down on a flat surface. You can move them around or ‘shuffle’ them just as you would at the beginning of a game. Then when you are ready you can either think of a question and select one domino at a time by way of an answer, or select a number of dominoes and interpret their combined meaning. For example you might pick three dominoes to represent each of your children or family members…

In a double six set there are 28 dominoes, here are their traditional meanings:

Blank-Blank: This is probably the domino you want to see the least. It is representative of past actions and probably disappointments. This is a karmic piece and means you should learn from your mistakes to avoid repeating history and that what you do today may have unhelpful repercussions in the future.

One-Blank: Things are not always as they seem! Do not always take things at face value, especially where finances are concerned.

One-One: This is a great domino! It represents harmony and balance in your life. Trust your instincts – make your decisions, difficulties will resolve, you are doing the right thing.

Two-Blank: You need to look at any problems with a wide perspective – be as objective as possible. Understanding what has occurred is the key to solving things.

Two-One: A reunion with an old friend may be on the cards. Your financial situation may be helped in some way by a relationship you have. You have a harmonious rapport with those around you at this time.

Two-Two: Success will come to you in business and with finances as long as you progress in a slow and careful manner.

Three-Blank: Arguments that have been brewing for a while (even though you may not have been aware of them), come to fruition for no good reason.

Three-One: If you are divining with an individual domino, for an answer to a specific question – then this domino should be considered a ‘no’ or negative response. In other respects it means that people around you may be unreliable or untrustworthy.

Three-Two: Travel, finance and relationships are good right now, but now is not the time to take risks – play it safe.

Three-Three: You may come into money; generally this is financially a beneficial time for you. Be wary in life and in your relationships, they may not take kindly to your windfall.

Come back next week for all of the remaining domino meanings…

Written by: The Circle