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2 May 2014

Easy Pay

Easy Pay

Have You Tried Easy Pay Yet?

Easy Pay is a new way to be in complete control of your psychic readings.

•    You can spend as much as you wish and take as long as you like on a call from 5 minutes to 110 minutes.

•    Your transaction is completely secure and there is no need to use a receptionist.

•    Set up your account – top up – CALL & SAVE!


•    Buy 20 minutes for £30 and save £2.95 on our regular credit card cost

•    Buy 40 minutes for £60 and get 4 minutes free (total 44)

•    Buy 60 minutes for £90 and get 6 minutes free (total 66)

•    Buy 100 minutes for £150 and get 10 minutes free (total 110)

You only need to set up an account online once; you will receive a confirmation email giving you an account number & pin. From then on, you can manage everything by phone – just follow the voice prompts to top up.

Visit for full information on this fantastic money saving service.

Written by: The Circle