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15 Oct 2013

Fate & Freewill

Fate & Freewill

As a Clairsentient reader, who uses both Tarot and Astrology as tools, and teaches it to others, I am asked at least once a fortnight about the role of Freewill and how it affects what is fated to occur in someone’s life.

Firstly, I hear you question, is anything fated to occur?

Let me explain that I work from the premise that when a child is conceived a process begins. This process culminates in the birth of possibilities. However, to a great degree it is the circumstances and opportunities that manifest in this child’s life that are already set, and they will appear at their appointed time and place, according to astronomical configurations which will then set certain circumstances into motion.

This does not predict the outcome of the situations. This is where the education, knowledge, desires, emotions, and FREE WILL to choose a particular course of action come in.

People wonder if anything can be done to change these ‘destined’ events. The answer is – OF COURSE WE CAN!

When we lose a close relative, we can either allow the experience in some way to disable us, sometimes for years, creating fears and anxieties, which inevitably leaves us crushed and unable to move forward. Or, we can use the experience in a positive way, a way that allows us to grow as an independent! This is our FREE WILL! To choose the way in which we react to what life throws at us.

Astrology, I believe, can indicate when and where these events take place, Tarot can be used to guide us, at these times, guiding our choices and our free will.

I am of the belief that these two forms of guidance are inextricably tied together.

Written by: I4C