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22 Oct 2013

Fate, Good Karma & Destiny

Fate, Good Karma & Destiny

Are our lives preordained? The concept of fate suggests as much…

The word fate comes from the Latin ‘fatum’, meaning, ‘what has been spoken’. In almost all ancient cultures, the ‘word’ was a powerful tool, a pronouncement was considered law even if unwritten. A person’s fate was seen to be fixed, as though a plan of their life had already been written somewhere in the universe. And what was written could not be altered, changed or edited. It was also commonly accepted that certain individuals had access to this knowledge – the ‘Seers’ or ‘Sages’ of ancient cultures and of ancient times.

The word ‘Karma’ is a term adopted from the Hindu philosophical system, and has been interpreted in a number of ways. Many Christians have incorporated the notion of Karma into their personal belief system – using a biblical quote to support understanding; ‘Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.’ (Galatians 6:7)

At the most fundamental level, this means that all of our actions generate equal reactions. Therefore Karma can be likened to Newton’s Law of Cause and Effect. But, Karma good or bad goes much further and much deeper than that. Not only if you perform some action do you generate a reaction, but conversely, when you do nothing, this too generates a reaction… A single action creates a necessary reaction, and many such actions over a period of time build up a huge sum of necessary responses – Karma.

I will not debate or argue as to whether a divine plan exists for each of us, I would rather accept the notion that there is indeed a larger spiritual context to everyone’s life and that this context can, if we so wish, be viewed as a divine plan.

So in that case, how do we define Destiny? If you are conscious of the desire to grow and evolve, it is desirable to attune your actions, belief and intentions to your spiritual blueprint. Learning what the blueprint is, however, presents a challenge. Let me make it clear, that nothing can replace soul-searching and turning within for the answers to one’s spiritual quest!

Written by: I4C