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18 Dec 2019

Festive Cheer or Festive Frazzle?


Many of us love Christmas, but there is no doubt that it brings with it, its fair share of stress. From where you will spend the big day, money concerns that go along with buying drink, food and presents. As well as burning the candle at both ends, with parties and planning… So, how can you ensure Christmastime is full of festive cheer?

Don’t be afraid of saying ‘No’!

It’s tempting to accept every invitation on offer. But it is far better to pick and choose, ensuring you will really enjoy the events you do attend. You will likely feel better health-wise, and also be well-rested. Making you a more fun attendee!

Eat/Drink more mindfully

Homes can get filled with seasonal food, from the things we are seduced into buying and from gifts we receive. It can be tempting to eat and drink throughout the whole of December in a way you wouldn’t normally. But your body will thank you for approaching Christmas in a more mindful way. Have days where you indulge, because you are attending a party or dinner, interspersed with days where you just eat normally. Try to limit mindless festive eating like mince pies at 11 o’clock in the morning and dipping in/out of tins of chocolates.

Go outside

Many of us will utilise the internet to get our Christmas shopping done. But you cannot underestimate the wellbeing benefits of going outside. A 20-minute walk, can do wonders for your soul. Shopping on the high-street can also get you more in the mood for the festive season. Internet shopping can be cheaper, but you don’t get the buzz, music, smells and excitement that comes from being in the real-world.

Bring festive joy into your home

Everyone will be different in this regard, but relishing in small things that bring you joy can really invigorate you when you are tired and stressed. From lighting a fire, to having an indulgent bubble bath, to burning a scented candle. Take some time for the small pleasures in life and truly enjoy them! Wearing a Christmas jumper, or some reindeer ears. Spending quality time with your pets, playing your favourite music, and watching Christmas films – all count…

Help & share

Offering to help a friend or neighbour in some way, is a great way to both support someone in need, but at the same time increase your own happiness. In order to make time for others, make sure that your own workload is shared out. If you are having guests take up any offers of them making/bringing something. Get children involved in cooking/baking and pass down family traditions. Delegate chores and Christmas preparations at home and work. It might not be as perfect as when you do it, but you will feel less frazzled and more appreciated for their gestures.

Written by: I4C_Blog_Admin