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30 Oct 2015

Flu season is upon us…

Sick Person

Autumn is here and it is a lovely time of the year, but of course it is not without its stresses.

The run up to Christmas can become stressful:

Finishing work deadlines so you can have time off, food shopping in crowded supermarkets, trying to perfect the perfect recipe, present buying for someone who has everything…the list goes on.

But one of the biggest problems at this time of year is becoming ill in amongst everything else. Flu season starts in October and runs until April and it is highly contagious. Believe it or not around 1 million GP consultations every year are to do with flu and the illness creates 30,000 hospital admissions annually. So if you want to avoid your whole family going down with it one by one there are things you can do now to strengthen your immune system.

Firstly if you are eligible for a flu jab – consider having it. Anyone over 65, anyone with lung disease or asthma, heart trouble, diabetes, stroke victims, those with liver or kidney conditions, if you are pregnant, take medications that weaken your immune system, live in a care home or are a personal carer – would be entitled.

If after all of the above you or your loved ones do succumb to a cold then try the following things:

Last of all remember that antibiotics kill bacteria and not viruses and so will do nothing for a cold. However if you develop a secondary infection – such as a chest infection then they may be needed. If in doubt contact your Doctor. Equally you should seek advice from your Doctor before using any herbal remedies, especially if you are on other medications.






Written by: I4C_Blog_Admin