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13 Jun 2014

Getting Over Your Partner Cheating


It this day and age, the opportunity to cheat is greater than ever, old partners getting back in touch through social networking, phone apps especially designed to find someone nearby to ‘hook up’ with, instant messenger facilities in phones and computers that can keep chats secret…All mean that the temptation to cheat and the ability to cheat are much more available. Of course this also potentially changes what we mean by cheating, is it acceptable to you for your partner to secretly chat with an old flame on Facebook, is it okay for your partner to send flirty texts or even sext messages? That’s for you decide…

Ultimately it is up to you in your relationship to define the boundaries of behaviour that are and are not acceptable to you! But what happens, if your other half crosses the line? It is only natural that you will feel shock, hurt and anger; some people crave the details whereas others just don’t want to know. Once trust has broken down it can be incredibly hard to re-build, but in some cases it is worth doing and infidelity does not have to spell the end of your relationship.

The Circle of Professional Clairvoyants relationship readers are here to offer you advice during your time of need. They can assist you working through all of the stages, a kind of grief if you like and decide what path you would like your future to take.

Possible Steps:

As you go on your journey it is important to keep the lines of communication open, no matter how angry you are – keep talking. Try and get everything out in the open, as well as talking to your partner, confide in a trusting friend. This will allow you to process your feelings, rather than bottling everything up – only to come spilling out at a later date.

Next – listen, this can be incredibly difficult to do. Hearing your partner’s point of view after they have cheated is probably the last thing you want to do. But if you are going to save your relationship, you are going to need to look at your union from all angles and see if there are things that either of you could do differently moving forward so that this situation never arises again.

It might be beneficial to put the cheating in to perspective; a drunken one night stand might be viewed more as a mistake, than an ongoing affair. Also the length of your relationship should count and the good times you have had, when deciding whether you should call it quits or dig in and get through things.

Lastly and probably the hardest thing to achieve is forgiveness, this is not likely to be something that happens straight away. But in time your goal will need to be to re-build trust and to forgive the incident. Hopefully your partner will demonstrate that they are really sorry, they should of course apologise and take steps to rebuild your trust. But to really move past the betrayal you will need to forgive, and get to a point where you do not feel the need to bring it up every argument you have.

If you work through all of these stages, and at the end of the day you still feel that the best thing is to go your separate ways that is fine too. By closing the door on that relationship, other opportunities in love will come your way.

Just remember that we are here to guide you through process and provide objective psychic advice when needed.


Written by: The Circle