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25 Oct 2023



All Hallows Eve, Samhain, Hallowe’en or Days of the Dead!

Halloween has turned in to a children’s holiday, dressing up, eating sweets and celebrating ghosts, ghouls and all things that go bump in the night! But of course you know that Halloween has its origins somewhere other than trick or treating…

Halloween was in fact a festival of remembering the dead and at the same time celebrating the ‘other world’ and all things supernatural. Halloweens close links with the paranormal give it strong psychic importance; the holiday carries many superstitions, traditions and rituals, some of which are still practised today.

Spirits & Ghosts

Spirits and ghosts make up part of the festival for good reason, traditionally Halloween was a time used for communicating with those beyond the grave. The veil between dimensions is thinnest at this time of year, giving the living better psychic abilities, and increased intuition; making communication more successful.

If you are beginning your psychic journey and are developing your skills then the Halloween period is a great time to practise; you should feel more sensitive and open to higher realms. You could try dowsing, card reading or even Psychometry – all things that lend themselves to Halloween’s energy. Whether you try yourself or want to use a professional psychic medium like those working for The Circle of Clairvoyants, it is a great time to reconnect with lost loved ones. Spiritual readings are more fruitful as messages flow effortlessly.

Many people choose to decorate their house and the shops have grabbed hold of this concept, but a simple way to welcome spiritual connections in to your life and home is to decorate with candles. Lit candles should help you to bridge the gap between the psychical world and the spirit world and connect you more deeply to your guides.

Spiritual Significance

Halloween should not be thought of just for its spiritual significance, it is a time for renewal. Halloween marks a period of harvest and all of the changes that autumn bring to the landscape. As nature turns over its colours, take time to think about your life, make time for personal development – seek psychic guidance and take advice on the direction your life should take next, be it about your romantic relationships, family dynamics or your career.

Halloween will continue a rich history of connecting with loved ones, both those living and departed. We hope you have a fun and enlightening festival shared with your family and friends.

Written by: The Circle