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25 Oct 2019

Harness the Moon Phases Rhythm

Moon Phases

There are eight Moon Phases within the Lunar Cycle, we explore each one – so that you can work with, rather than against the moon phases rhythm as you make your life decisions.

We Explore the Eight Moon Phases:

New Moon

The New Moon begins the lunar cycle, and it’s therefore no surprise that it represents fresh starts – this is the time when anything is possible! Metaphorically this is a great time to sow seeds of ideas, that can come to fruition later in the moon phases. Equally if you have been working on a project, and things are flagging or you feel stuck – the New Moon can provide a powerful boost of energy to get you over the hump. Whilst it is a time for new beginnings, the New Moon can also offer a period of reflection. A time to consider whether past choices are coming home to roost! If you have any doubts – use the New Moons vigour to chart a new path.

Waxing Crescent Moon

This moon phase is fantastic for manifesting what you want for your future. Each moon phase builds on the last, so this time is all about the finer details for your long-term plans. You can use this time to build your strength, get healthy, fit and ready to tackle new projects. Equally you can start researching and gathering information needed. Remember that small steps lead to bigger things.

First Quarter Moon

It is not unusual during a First Quarter Moon to feel pulled in different directions. You might be excited about what the future holds, but also a bit scared. So, your past, and things that are familiar have a strong draw. This is a consideration phase. It’s good to embrace new things, but only if they are right for you. Plan ahead, and be sure in your own mind that what you are working towards is what you want. There is no need to rush, you have time to consider your actions and to take small steps towards your future.

Gibbous Moon

The Gibbous Moon phase provides another opportunity for reflection. Take a breath and look at how far you have come. Sometimes that’s just as important as looking at what you have left to achieve. It is also a great time for adjustments. If things are not going exactly to plan, then now is the time to slow-down and analyse your choices moving forward. There is no shame in a change of direction – just keep moving forward towards your goals.

Full Moon

The Full Moon is a magical time. You may well be close to reaching one or more of your goals or aspirations. Assuming you have put in the hard graft needed to get there…The Full Moon should be illuminating for you, guiding and putting a spotlight on your successes.

Disseminating Moon

As the name disseminating suggests, this phase is about passing on what you have learnt to others. Your successes from the Full Moon phase can benefit others, if you pass on your wisdom. Look to your family, friends, neighbours and colleagues, and see if anyone could benefit from your experiences.

Last Quarter Moon

This moon phase has two purposes – you must let go, this might be of past hurts, things that have not gone well, difficult relationships and more. Secondly, it is a phase of taking action. Through these two different but equally difficult activities you will be able to forgive and release. These very powerful emotions will ultimately be very beneficial for you – freeing you. You should feel as if you can release some power to the universe, letting nature take its course.

Balsamic Moon

The final phase comes in the form of the Balsamic Moon which is all about revitalisation. Focus on healing and restorative time. So that you will be ready again for the fresh starts of the New Moon. This is not a time for action or of planning. Let your mind be at peace – embrace the stillness. Of course, being the last Moon of the cycle, this is also a period of endings. You may need to surrender to any sad feelings that these finales bring – release your emotions, so you are ready to start afresh.

Written by: I4C_Blog_Admin