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6 May 2020

Immune System: Find Ways to Boost Yours

Immune System

Never before have we all been so consumed with our immune system, our health, both physical and mental, that of our own and those that we love. Collectively we have all felt very vulnerable and oftentimes helpless to do much. Apart from follow the government guidelines and hope for the best…

One thing that is in our control, is our general wellbeing. From what we eat and drink, to the exercise we do, to the sleep we get and so on.

Whilst boosting your immune system is not something that can be achieved immediately, nor will it stop you catching Covid-19. It can help your body to be stronger and fight infection more easily, and so is a worthy focus.

Immune System – The Basics



In Season Produce Ideas

Many foods are abundant in May, eating seasonal produce (shopping allowing), can enhance flavour. Why not try the following:

Asparagus, Cockles, Crab, Jersey Royal Potatoes, Lamb, Lettuce, Peas, Plaice, Radishes, Rhubarb, Salmon, Spring Greens, Spring Onions and Watercress to name a few.

Written by: I4C_Blog_Admin