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7 Oct 2015

Intuition Quiz

Intuition Sign

Intuition, gut feeling, sixth sense!

Whatever you want to call it it’s a powerful tool in how you run your life, assuming you listen to it!

Most of us have some level of intuition, and this psychic sensitivity can be enhanced, but there is a need to take a mental leap – in to believing and trusting in your gift sufficiently to act on the information you are getting through. Many of us will bat away our perception and create explanations for things that have happened – making the insights in to something rational rather than unexplained.

Why not take this intuition quiz to see how highly tuned your sixth sense is, this might show you that you have more work to do in honing your feelings or it might show that your intuition is highly tuned and you just need to start believing in your abilities:

1-2 questions means that you have some intuitive abilities, but you need to develop them further. 3-5 questions suggest that your intuition is active, but can be increased further – learn to trust your own thoughts. 6-9 questions show that your 6th sense is well developed, with practise you will be able to apply what you know more readily. 10 or more questions – congratulations, your intuition is highly developed. You can be confident and trust your judgement.

Ref: Discover Your Sixth Sense by Julie Soskin

Written by: I4C_Blog_Admin