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8 Apr 2016

Karmic Astrology

Karma, Energy, Karmic Astrology

Before we can explore Karmic Astrology, we should first of all explore what we mean by Karma. At its most basic, karma is having the thoughts and feelings that you have directed on to others (both good and bad), sent back you at some point in equal measure. Many understand karma as fate, i.e. something that we can actually affect.

Our karma may evolve over many past lives, but it is always operating in the here and now and as such we are a total of our lifetimes experiences; wholly responsible for our actions.

The hope is that with each incarnation we grow and learn and see the cause and effect of many situations over our lifetimes. Over time understanding how powerful karma is allows us to make a decision to change our karma for the better at any time.

Where karma is concerned, there is no ‘wrong place and the wrong time’, it may feel relentless, but karma is above all compassionate and fair – all you have to do is consider any and all events both good and bad in your life in terms of their karmic destiny.

A Karmic Astrologer will look at past lives to answer today’s problems:

The astrological chart will pinpoint patterns in life, things that have gone well, things that have gone bad, issues that reoccur and generally looks at the emotional expectations that the person carries from life to life. This type of astrological reading is particular helpful in isolating recurring negative patterns and repeated damaging behaviour, so that the client can make changes moving forward so history does not repeat itself. It is particularly helpful with family dynamics and relationship issues.

Saturn is at the route of cause and effect – the belief is that the soul’s journey is not a random process, but a journey based on previous actions. As such Saturn’s desire is to shape the future, balance actions – repair and reward. Karmic justice means to take responsibility and to create a positive future.

Moon Nodes play a large part in Karmic Astrology, the South Node represents a way of being that has been created out of the past, and in this place the soul is at peace, everything is comfortable and familiar. The North Node is the path of evolution, the potential and what can be chosen for the present life. Of course in day to day life these two Nodes jar with each other, the secret to a karmic life is restoring the balance, learning from the past and moving forward and being prepared to step outside of our comfort zone when we have outgrown the past.

The twelfth house is a house of secrets! It is of course where past actions, past lives and karma meet…Planets in this area will tell the astrologer what type of karma is involved, what is driving the unconscious mind and what steps should be taken next:

The Sun = The Father

The Moon = The Mother

Mercury = The Mind

Venus = Love

Mars = Aggression

Chiron = Wounding

Uranus = Upheaval

Neptune = Illusions

Pluto = Power

Saturn = Heavy Karmic Load

Jupiter = Excess


Ref: The Astrology Bible, Judy Hall


Written by: I4C_Blog_Admin