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8 Sep 2022

Leo In-Depth


There is a regal nature to the fifth sign of the zodiac – Leo. Its icon, the Lion, with a full mane, reinforces the traits of pride, self-assuredness, boisterousness and playfulness.

As a fixed fire zodiac sign Leos are loyal and stubborn in equal measure. They are known for lighting up a room and can transform the atmosphere with their dynamic energy.

Leo Traits

Like all of the zodiac signs, Leos have some very positive traits and some not-so-admirable characteristics. For example, Leos are generally friendly and kind and are generous to those they love. They are prepared to take people at face value for what they appear. They are courageous, honest and have a good sense of responsibility.

Their negative traits could be when their tenacity and stubbornness; turn into pig-headiness and obstinate behaviours. On occasion, they can come across as smug and boastful. They can be prone to ‘keeping up with the Jones’ sentiments. At work, Leos may try to take credit for other people’s ideas.

Matters of the Heart

For a sign that is so self-confident, you may imagine that love is at the top of their wish list. However, whilst they are unlikely to admit it – they crave love, admiration, adoration and often appreciation from others.

Leos have no trouble in attracting a ‘mate’; so to speak. But many are attracted to them for their charisma, good looks, and the fun they can bring, which does not always provide a good foundation for a long-lasting and mature relationship.

When Leos do find love, they are proud and demonstrative. They lavish their partners with attention, gifts and entertainment. Underneath all their showy behaviour, they are supportive and caring, and Leos will make sacrifices when needed for their partners.


For colleagues, friends and loved ones, understanding that a Leos mind tends to work in straight lines can be frustrating; in other words – once they have made up their minds, that is it!

For Leos, it can be tiring; to always be the life and soul of the party; to get up off the mat; when they get knocked back in life. They have high standards, and as such, they may face disappointment, as others don’t always reach their ideals; or share their values.

Written by: I4C_Blog_Admin