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8 Feb 2019

Let’s Talk About Sleep


We all know that getting enough shuteye is essential to our health and wellbeing, but for many different reasons, there may be times in our lives where good quality sleep alludes us!

Many of us agonise over how many hours of sleep we should get, in reality we are all different and the amount of sleep we need varies, and the amount of sleep that any individual needs at a particular time in their life – for example when they are under extra pressure, recovering after illness etc can for a period of time alter how much rest they need. Generally speaking guidelines for healthy adults are between seven and nine hours per night.

Quality of sleep however is probably much more important than the actual number of hours spent sleeping. It is likely to be more of a precursor for how you feel in the morning – do you wake feeling energised and ready to start the day, or do you need several snoozes and many strong cups of coffee to even feel alive?

Of course, how you sleep and how you feel in the morning, can also be determined genetically with whether you are more of a ‘Night Owl’, versus a ‘Morning Lark’, in other words do you prefer to go to sleep early and rise early, or do you naturally tend towards going to bed later and therefore would like to get up later (but maybe your schedule does not allow).

So, with all of that said – how can you make 2019 a good sleep year?





Written by: I4C_Blog_Admin