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24 Jul 2015

Libido Diet

red wine making a heart from glasses

A scientific study carried out by Harvard University demonstrated that junk food damaged men’s fertility. They analysed hundreds of diets and those that ate sweets, energy drinks, red meat and white carbs had poorer sperm mobility. So if you are hoping to conceive get your man on to a diet of fruit and vegetables, wholegrain carbohydrates and fish…

Most of us suffer with diminished libido at some point in our lives; whilst health issues, work problems, stress etc. should all be investigated for any underlying causes – you might be surprised to hear that your diet can go a long way to improving things. As you might expect being overweight and unfit effects our libido as well as damaging our self-esteem; major problems are with diets high in saturated fats and sugar. Having said that there are some nice things on the list of foods that can improve things – such as red wine and chocolate.

So, just what should you eat?

Red Wine – A small glass a few nights per week may improve sexual function by increasing blood flow to the key areas.

Chocolate – Eating a few bites of good quality chocolate every now and again will produce phenethylamine (the same chemical our brain produces when we fall in love).

Coffee – Up to 4 cups of coffee (containing caffeine) increases libido by stimulating the brain that regulates arousal. If you are pregnant or suffer with insomnia this option is not for you.

Porridge Oats – Eating oats especially for breakfast help us to sustain energy. As tiredness is one of the biggest passion killers – this is an easy fix!

Other good foods to try are Asparagus, Avocados, Oil-rich fish, Pumpkin seeds, Soya and Garlic.

Here’s what to avoid:

High fat meals – these make us sleepy and feel heavy and blocked arteries restrict blood flow.

Too much alcohol – one drink can perk you up, but three will most likely make you tired and less able to perform.

Erratic Diet – Body image has a huge part to play in how sexy we feel. Therefore a healthy balanced diet will get us in shape and will improve our self-esteem and desire.

Reference: Healthy Food Guide

Written by: I4C_Blog_Admin