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22 Nov 2022

Libra In-Depth


Libra is the seventh sign of the horoscope and is the cardinal air sign of the zodiac. The icon of Libra is the scales or the Scales of Justice, and their nature follows suit – ‘they weigh things up’, before acting. Whilst they may give situations and problems careful thought, overall, as personalities, they are action takers – ‘doers’ rather than ‘thinkers’.


If you imagine a set of old-fashioned scales that tip up and down as an item is placed on them before levelling off – you have the perfect metaphor for Librans. Those of a Libra star sign are happiest when everything is in perfect balance.

Their ability to see all sides of a situation is both a blessing and a curse. They want to be fair and level-headed in any decision-making but can feel under pressure to get things right. Which occasionally causes them to procrastinate and do nothing!

Libras are well-liked; they bring harmony to social circles, calming any ruffled feathers with tact and diplomacy.


The emotions of Libras are probably most apparent when they are in love. In normal relationships, they are more likely to keep their feelings in check. But, their desire to be coupled-up means they do not sit on the side-lines. However, Libras are not always confident in their relationships, which can allow insecurities and jealousy to rise.

Many Librans will feel incomplete if they are not in a romantic relationship, so they will do anything possible to attract potential mates. In their effort to be partnered, they might sometimes sacrifice too much of themselves; to bend to their partner’s likes and wants. In the long-term Libras need to learn that lasting relationships only arise when the needs; are met of both people.

Libra Weaknesses

On occasion, Libra can lean into laziness and not deliver on promises made! Although they often pursue perfection, especially in themselves – they will, on occasion, gloss over the shortfalls of others – especially romantic interests. In the underbelly of their character, Librans can take on a selfish element, which is surprising for a peaceable sign.


Here are some positive phrases you might use to describe a Libra: Charming, sincere, refined, rational with clear opinions and a strong sense of what’s fair.

Written by: I4C_Blog_Admin