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13 Nov 2015

Looking for Love in an Electronic World

Couple having coffee

Finding someone compatible, someone who has the same interests as you do can be difficult. People no longer meet just through friends and relatives, at pubs or through work. They meet on the internet, through online dating and social networking sites. Obviously these methods have their pros and cons; on the one hand it can open you to a network of people that you might not get through normal circumstances – job, sports and hobbies. But on the other hand people can present what they want to present and this may not always be an accurate version of who they actually are in real life in terms of looks or personality.

As individuals no longer have the leisure time necessary for lengthy courtships and dating – starting relationships on-line can seem like a quick way to obtain their goals in terms of the perfect partner and many websites will have matching facilities so that in theory you do not waste your time on dating incompatible mates. But in reality life is rarely satisfied by ticking a few boxes and people find love in the strangest of places and often they end up with people that hardly tick any of their initial wants and desires. Some people will consider consulting a psychic either alongside their other dating activities or instead of; in order to find their perfect love match.

Psychics can provide you with the areas of compatibility you need in a long lasting mate.

These may not be the same as your wish list! You can even get a psychic reading to help you locate when and where you need to be in order to find your perfect partner. It is worth considering exactly what you want help with – different psychics will use different tools. For example a Tarot reader may be able to give you specifics on time and places. An astrologist may be helpful in terms of mapping compatibility once you have got to know the person a little bit. Astrology uses the time and place of your birth to establish a profile of your personality and it can also be used to show the traits that you are most likely to be compatible with. In addition, you can also see your compatibility with an already chosen partner by supplying their information as well.

As with any psychic reading or scientific method, it is important that you be as honest as possible – the same goes for online dating, don’t pretend that you like sports to attract a tall, dark and handsome rugby player (if in reality you hate sports and don’t want to lose your man every weekend to playing / watching his chosen game). The more honesty you put into your answers and the more positive energy you can inject, the greater your chance of finding someone that is going to be compatible with you. It might not be instant, but it should at least provide you with the confidence to go out there and look for love in all the right places.

Relationships begin with chemistry and then comes compatibility – shared interests, the same ethics and morals regarding how you live your lives, shared dreams and aspirations for your future. Part of making the most of a psychic when it comes to relationships and finding the perfect match for you is being open to a wealth of possibilities and to have an open mind to what is presented to you; this is what allows you to benefit from the unique insight that only they are able to provide.

Written by: I4C_Blog_Admin