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14 Feb 2023

Love: Valentine’s Day - Superstitions


Valentine’s Day is of course, always on the 14th of February, and in 2023 it falls on a Tuesday. Whether you love or hate the day, intend on celebrating or not – I thought, just for fun, we could take a look at all of the superstitions associated with and around the day.


There are certain things that it is favourable to do on a Tuesday; sadly – none of them has much to do with romance, but it might work in terms of a steak dinner!


If you gave your loved one a gift, and they reciprocate with a kiss – then the gift was a success, and a new bond has formed between you!

Those that kiss under a new moon are likely to marry soon after – they would not be hard up financially and would have unwavering love.

First Meetings

Meeting on a hillside was considered to be auspicious. Luck in love was also more likely if a meeting was near moving water. It was thought that those that met in the centre of a wood would be forever constant!

New couples should avoid meeting at or near crossroads, canals, ponds, valleys or bridges – representing that a relationship will be difficult at every turn.


Folklore suggests that once engaged; a woman should never practise writing her married name. Nor should she or anyone else call her by the future married name, even for fun – as doing so could mean you will never bear the name, and the marriage will not take place!


Fridays are not considered favourable days for getting married! June is considered the best month to marry, and May is deemed the worst. The worst combination is Friday 13th May (which actually occurred in 2022)!

On the way to a wedding, it is good luck to see a black cat, witness a rainbow and have sunshine.

Bad omens for a wedding are the car not starting, dropping the ring, or seeing a funeral possession on-route.

Love Rituals

In the past, love rituals were always carried out on certain auspicious days: St Agnes’s Eve (20th January), Valentine’s Day (14th February), St Marks’s Eve (24th of April), Halloween (31st October) and Christmas Eve (24th December). It was typical for rituals to divine love; to be performed on a Saint’s Day, and they were interchangeable.


If you are writing a card this Valentine’s, then; remember that love letters of all varieties, should only be written in either pencil or blue ink – no other shades!


Written by: I4C_Blog_Admin