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25 Sep 2015

Lucid Dreams

Dream Scene

Do you know the difference between Lucid Dreams and ordinary Dreams?

Well, lucid dreaming is defined by you knowing that you are dreaming!

When you are in the middle of a dream, on some level you are aware that you are not experiencing reality, but that you are in fact dreaming – that is a lucid dream…

Being aware of the different dreams and being able to take control in a lucid dream state is a powerful psychological and psychic tool. Research shows that psychic healing can occur during lucid dreaming. There is also no need to be afraid of a nightmare, as this function is only bringing to the surface an important thing that needs to be dealt with.

An experienced lucid dreamer has the potential to take hold of a nightmare, understand that they are not in harm’s way, and can work through the underlying problem, effectively waking with a solution. This process is incredibly health-restoring.

Generally lucid dreams occur when a person is in REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement); this is where the most vivid dreams happen. It is not a good idea to dream lucidly every night, as dreams spontaneously unfolding is in itself restorative. But trying to lucid dream twice a week could help in all manner of ways.

Here are some techniques to try, if you would like to hone your abilities:

It is possible to create a dream sign, that will occur during your dreaming – that will let you know you have achieved a lucid dream state.

Ref: The Essential Guide to Myth, Magic and Supernatural.

Written by: I4C_Blog_Admin