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25 Nov 2020

Meditation Aids


You may be very aware of the benefits of meditation, and know that it is a perfect gateway to inner-stillness, essential to any psychic work. However, for many achieving a state of proper meditation is a struggle. If, that is the case for you, or if you are just thinking about trying meditation:

Then read on for useful ideas…

Try one of these meditation methods to help you still any inner-voices…

Breathing – Focus on your breathing. If that is not enough try adding in counting. Inhale and then exhale each to a count of four with a pause in-between.

Light – Create a source of light in the space, such as a lit candle. Some people find that closing their eyes allows negative thoughts to intrude. Watching a flickering flame, can help get you into a meditative state with your eyes open.

Mandala – Some people find it helpful to have an object or picture that they can focus on. An intricate Mandala can be very useful, you can look at it and almost get lost in the image. Don’t worry if it all starts to blur; this is beneficial in achieving an almost hypnotic state.

Mantra – If you find your mind is busy from the day’s events, or things you are worried about. Try using a mantra. Each time a thought crops up, you can say your mantra, almost to act like a block. You can say it out loud or just think it. It can be one word, or a sentence – something that is powerful and meaningful to you.

Music – If you are very receptive to music in life, then it may well help you here too. Try picking a piece of music you find tranquil and soothing, and play it as you try to enter a meditative state, as part of the process of clearing your mind.

Written by: I4C_Blog_Admin