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21 Aug 2015

Mind Reading

head made of jigsaw pieces

If you think that being able to read minds would be a cool way to know what everyone around you is thinking, you may find out a few things you did not know! When it comes to reading your lovers mind, what if there are some thoughts that you may be better off not knowing. The ability to read minds is probably easier than you think. There are many people who can tell what someone is thinking just by studying them for a few minutes.

Many people use the expressions of the person they are studying. Along with expressions, there is also body language and the eyes. The best way to learn how to read your lover’s mind is to study their body language. This one aspect can give you infinite information about what is on someone’s mind.

There has been research that shows the movements of the body which have been simplified to points of light can still be read. The emotions such as fear, boredom, sadness, and love can be recognized just by looking at these points of light. So if this is possible, it is also possible to see the same emotions when looking at the whole person.

The face you know so well can have over 3,000 different expressions. However, the ones that are not there for more than a split second can tell you more than the normal ones you see on a daily basis. Everyone knows what a smile or a frown is and can usually understand the reason behind these two expressions. If you see the fleeting expression, and you will if you pay attention, these can tell you more about what someone is thinking at that particular moment.

Would you want to read your lovers mind?

If you want to know how to read your lover’s mind, watch for these expressions as well as their body language. By putting the two together you will have more of an idea of what they are thinking. The eyes are another great source for figuring out what someone is thinking. The eyes are surrounded by muscles. These muscles can tell you many things about what someone may be thinking.

When the eyes are downcast, this normally means someone is sad. So think when you see this expression, what is going on in their life to make them sad? When the eyes are glancing around as if in flight, they are probably thinking they are so bored. The wide open expression can be innocence or fright. The facial expression will finish this look so you will know which one it is and depending on the situation, you will know why. If they are having problems sitting still and you have noticed this body language in the past, you probably have a very good idea of what your lover is thinking.

If you look at your lover’s eyes and they seem to be off in another world with a dreamy look, you can probably tell what they are thinking about you or something the two of you have done. The eyes are called the windows of the soul. So if you pay attention, it really should not be that difficult to tell what is going on in your lover’s mind.

Written by: I4C_Blog_Admin