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8 Jul 2021

Moon Phases: Embrace the Cosmic Power


There are four cosmic moon phases every month, in July 21 they are as follows:

On an emotional level, you can feel different from one cycle to the next. Equally the different phases offer opportunities for particular activities.

Don’t forget to catch up on your monthly horoscopes, as they often mention how they relate to the lunar phases transiting through your zodiac sign.

Here’s how to thrive in each Phase:

New Moon

In this phase the sun and moon are conjunct (on top of each other), so the moon isn’t visible to us at night.

We may feel more vulnerable during this time, and also a little tired. At this stage, we are inwardly focused, rather than attentive to others.

Our psychic intuition is enhanced in this phase, you may be more contemplative and able to meditate, channel and manifest ideas for the future.

You can experience a feeling of being at a crossroads, maybe it is time to shake off old belief systems and start afresh?

First Quarter Moon

The 90-degree angle that the moon is now at to the sun, makes the appearance half illuminated.

In the first quarter phase, you’ll likely have more energy and feel like exercising and socialising.

This is a great phase for taking action and putting plans into motion.

Both at work and home, you may feel more adventurous, and like you can take a risk. You’ll feel confident to share your ideas, start a new project and you may even want to plan a big party!

Full Moon

The moon is at its most visible during the Full Moon phase, it is on the opposite side to the sun, and so it appears luminous as it reflects more sunlight.

Your emotions will likely be running at their highest. Sleep may feel elusive, and it can feel harder to be grounded.

You will likely desire connections, a need to feel as if you belong and are loved. You will seek out social and sensual pleasures. Luckily staying up late in this phase suits.

Things that you have planned in earlier phases should come to fruition under the Full Moon. Even things your unconscious mind wanted and you didn’t realise!

Last Quarter Moon

Confusingly the Last Quarter Moon can also be referred to as a Half Moon because the sun’s rays illuminate just 50% of the moon’s surface.

This phase is more reflective, you will have less energy for your social life and will concentrate more on home/work – what has to be done.

Solo endeavours are favoured: early nights, reading, journaling and things that allow you to take stock, ready for future planning phases.

Written by: I4C_Blog_Admin