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10 Jan 2020

Diet - A different approach for the New Year


Many of us will include losing weight and a new diet as a New Year goal, for some it will just be getting rid of a little ‘Holiday Weight’ as Ross once said in ‘Friends’. For others it will be a desire to get rid of a little bit more weight that has crept on over time.

But the reality is that many resolutions, dieting included go by the wayside quite quickly.

So, how can you have a new approach to food and healthy eating in 2020?

Like many things that you want to achieve in life, you need a game-plan. Many of us will naturally start focusing on food, carbs, fats, calories etc when embarking on a diet. But perhaps it would be better to focus on a strategy for health and wellbeing first.

People with an incentive, often do better at achieving a goal. So, have a good long think about how your life would be better if you were to tackle your diet. Perhaps you would have more energy, you might be more able to run around after your children. To reduce a medication, and get an illness under control. Or to simply feel more confident in swimwear…

This might sound negative, but it can be helpful to look at what has sabotaged you in the past. Then you can eliminate those obstacles, increasing your chances of success. Do you need to cook for others – perhaps they will join you in the diet? Does going to the supermarket provide too many temptations. Do you have a snack cupboard at home with too many treats inside?

Most of us underestimate how much we eat and drink. So, start with a journal of everything you eat and drink in a week. Be brutally honest (you’ll only be cheating yourself). Include everything from taking a quick chip off your partners plate, to polishing off the kid’s leftovers as you clear the dishes…

Often when we embark on a new way of eating, there is just too much change, too fast. It can be overwhelming, and lead us to fall off the wagon soon after. So initially make some small goals, that you can build on over time. You’ll know what areas you need to work on, but here are some examples:

Limit milky coffees.

Start taking a packed lunch to work.

Switch to diet drinks.

Limit alcohol to certain nights of the week.

Reduce takeaways.

Increase your vegetable/fruit intake.

Reduce portion sizes.

Focusing on all of the lovely foods you can have, as opposed to worrying about what you can’t have will stand you in good stead. Keep reminding yourself of your resolution. And regularly ask yourself ‘will consuming this item – take you closer to, or farther away from your goal.’

Written by: I4C_Blog_Admin