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22 Dec 2021

Numerology: Party Game


Not everyone may share your love of all things psychic and spiritual; however, even the most cynical can normally be cajoled into reading a horoscope or can be intrigued by Numerology.

Let’s be honest, after the last few years – there will be quite a lot of pressure felt to make this year’s Christmas get-togethers fantastic. So, if you need a little party ice-breaker – why not get everyone to delve into the Numerology of their Birthday?

Reduce Your Birth Date to a Single Number

For example, if you were born on the 6th of November 1990, you would simply calculate: 6 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 0 = 27. Then, 2 + 7 = 9

* There is an exception to the rule: if you get the value 11 or 22, which are considered ‘master numbers’, then you do not need to reduce them further.

Look up your Numerology Number, to discover your personality Traits

1 – Driven. Ambitious. Successful in their career. Talented. May make enemies in order to achieve what they want.

2 – Romantic. Gentle. Sensitive Souls. Day-Dreamers. Over-sensitive, especially to criticism which can hold them back.

3 – Creative. Unusual Abilities. Charming. Organised. Others are drawn to their magnetism. They have good fortune, often achieved through discipline.

4 – Prone to despondency and melancholy. Hard Workers. They can go through life feeling unlucky and as if they do not always get what they deserve.

5 – Talkative. Romantic. Flirtatious and the life & soul of a party. Their nature can be changeable, with extreme highs and lows.

6 – Family orientated. Nurturing. Loving. Often, they are drawn to creative endeavours and may have eclectic collections.

7 – Eccentric. Unusual. Magical. The unicorn of the group, it’s as if they have mystical abilities. Their tastes and life choices will likely seem unconventional.

8 – An exception to the numbers rule. Fatalist in nature. Either they are all-in and very successful as individuals. Or all-out and failures in all areas!

9 – Loyal. True. Strong. They can run a bit with the hares and the hounds – rushing in and thinking later! They make fantastic friends and support those they love.

11 – Intuitive. Sensitive. Dreamers. Deep Thinkers. Many will turn to them for guidance and expertise. They seek advice in faith and instinct rather than logic.

22 – Ambitious. Powerful. Knowledgeable. They always need a mission, and they follow through. Can become overwhelmed by their potential/others expectations.

Written by: I4C_Blog_Admin